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The Q is lot faster and more comfortable but on short island hoping you don’t gain much benefit from that, so it’s not worth the extra purchase price, fuel consumption and higher maintenance costs. I had some performance problems wit AS Twinotter at certain situations e. Alabeo – C C Golden Eagle. So I think this is a bottom line: Hence my interest in the Twotter. Branech, I was one of the beta test team members for the Twin Otter. Share this post Link to post.

aerosoft dhc-6 twin otter

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Finally, with regard to slips in an aircraft of that size and configuration, I completely agree with what was written by Emi and Mathijs on slipping large aircraft.

Register a new account. The pneumatic system is modelled, so you can use de-icing measure somewhat realistically, although you really need an addon icev10 and my own icev10a for this to be of much use. Posted March 7 edited. The fact you use YouTube as source and do not really to have read the manual seems to suggest you EXPECT aerosofr aircraft to behave differently, but to be honest I feel your expectations might not be dbc-6 realistic as our product us.

Politics could play a part but there’s a much more obvious reason – there are no alternatives in production. The taxi light works fine in P3D v4.

Twin Otter Extended for FSX/P3D

Also, I should confess dc-6 something rather embarrassing. You won’t be doing bush flying with a Q, whereas the Twotter is quite good at it. I- The yokes are not retractable and hide the dials on the bottom of the instrument panel.


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How realistic is the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended? – The Prepar3d Forum – The AVSIM Community

On balance I think it’s a good aircraft, although I’ve stuck with it mainly because I built a cockpit around it. More realistic engine indications for Torque, RPM and ITT Engine anti icing inertial separator influence on engine parameters Propeller start locks on Float version Engine failures due to overtorque, overtemp, engine icing or hotstarts Structural icing influence on flight performance Functional Fire detection and extinguishing system Custom electrical, fuel and hydraulic systems Avionics: The Q is lot faster and more comfortable but on short island hoping you don’t gain much benefit from that, so it’s not worth the extra purchase price, fuel consumption and higher maintenance costs.

aerosoft dhc-6 twin otter

Product information “Twin Otter Extended”. I guess when you’ve been buying addons for a decade or so, you start to forget what you have Digital Flight data recorder where data can be shown in Google Maps Additional: To category Simulation Games.

I’ve been doing some aerooft flying in that freeware Osprey on Rikoooo, but I think that’s otter cheating.

As far as I know Aerosoft’s is built on the standard P3D turboprop model.

Twin Otter Extended

As for the Majestic Dash 8, I have this bird but it’s rarely if ever used around the Caribbean. Any recommendations and opinions would orter welcome! This topic is now closed to further replies.


aerosoft dhc-6 twin otter

aerosogt In my opinion, the Q and AS aircraft are not in the same category with the Q a much superior option. Posted July 23, It also includes 30 years as an FAA inspector now retired where in the late 80s, I was the principal operations inspector POI for a scheduled operator with a Twin Otter on floats in the Pacific Northwest.

aerosoft dhc-6 twin otter

For 4, Emi’s comment is the response, and I’m in agreement with you on that one. If that’s disappointing to you, that’s your call. They’re different horse for very different courses. I think I know all I need. Those of us on the beta team with time in the real aircraft agreed the soundset was more than ddhc-6. In the meantime, i forgot I ever bought it. With all due respect, I invite you to share your relevant pilot experience in the Twin Otter with that of the beta testers to aegosoft us see why you think we didn’t get it quite right.

We reset this goal every new year for the following year’s goal. This was reproducable at various daytime and weather conditions. Do not underestimate the Twin Otter, it is not a large twin engine general aviation aircraft, in complexity it really is a small airliner and the Twin Otter Extended will show the aircraft in its full complexity.