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Registration requires a donation of your choice. I’m wanting to try this application to see if it will enable compatibility for my HP Photosmart printer with my iPhone. Looking for something that actually works! Needs Sparkle support though, to check for updates in the Prefpane! Is this 64bit only? That way, it won’t matter whether the Mac is on or not. I have sent a donation to the developer.

airprint activator v2.2b5

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Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/2003/7/8/10 MacOS 10/X
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What am I doing wrong! Has anyone been able to install this with the latest Sierra?

airprint activator v2.2b5

Activate AirPrint by adding or removing the required files. IIT Delhi’s making a jacket for the forces Science.

Now print from your tablet

I’m stopped installing it because analyzing the code binary it comes out some strange things that would be nice that can be explained: Should help with some exceptional cases. I hoped it would be worth the additional money, but it doesn’t work. Discover New Mac Apps. I was required to pay that much even though I was a previous customer. Maybe it’s something else, but it doesn’t seem to deactivate properly.


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JT July 24, v2.2h5 I ran the program and deactivated it, but it seems to still be showing up on my iPhone when I click on print from Safari. My iPad and iPhones work like a charm Type your search here:. Mac users with old printers that do not have the AirPrint protocol will find this imperative.

Is anyone else having this problem downloading it? HandyPrint for Mac Latest version 5. Even after deleting and adding the printer.

It seems activqtor neither is in the Mac App Store I have an Epson Workhorse on my network. Recently bought an iPad3 and asked my boss what he uses for his printing app. Categories Desktop Apps For You.

Dec 20, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Netputing ยป AirPrint Activator vb5 is here

Laserjet shared from PC Macbook on same network connected to shared printer Printer again shared through Macbook. Joey August 20, at Although not available on the App store, there are various site where you can download the app. True, but still confusing because they call it a “donation” that is required. So maybe they’ve worked it out?


Now my deskjet F works great. Hi, I just tried to install Handyprint on my iMac that runs with Lion But the iPad is not only for fun and games.

handyPrint Reviews

They seem to be a wash in terms of function per people’s experience. I’ve checked the site and no updates yet from the developer to fix this.

airprint activator v2.2b5

Also, FYI, you don’t need to keep the application running. I think you’ll want to contact Netputing since they make AirPrint Activator.

airprint activator v2.2b5