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Games developed by Monolith Soft Games developed by tri-Crescendo Games published by Nintendo GameCube games Games released in Games with unused areas Games with unused items Games with unused music Games with unused sounds Games with debugging functions Games with hidden sound tests Games with hidden level selects Games with regional differences To do Baten Kaitos series. Lyude, the Imperial officer with a sense of right and wrong, Savyna, the female warrior of great skill, and the Great Mizuti who is the only character who stands to be unique in a sea of mediocrity round out the cast. Characters animate well, though they do run a little goofy. However, Namco has created an audio effect to imitate the fact that the Guardian Spirit is hearing things through his host. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Baten Kaitos Dolphin Emulator. First released in Japan in , it is the first game in the Baten Kaitos series, and takes place after Baten Kaitos Origins , a prequel released in

baten kaitos rom

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Rmo guide bug US version only The text “Type: Much like Katamari Damacy, the soundtrack functions well on its own, even with its different genres. But one thing I noticed was the audio which sounded a bit off and “tubey” but is completely negligible and hard to notice, that aside the game runs fine.

Baten Kaitos Origins

During an enemy’s attack, cards may be played as well. There are two types of experience levels: A small version of the island graphic is seen on the world map. Players do not play directly as Kalas, but as abten Guardian Spirit, a spirit who has bonded with Kalas to give him more power. My mistake, I meant the Hawaiian-styled fisherman from a small village. Monolith Softrkm Publisher: Among the music files on both discs, there are two leftover songs from Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean: Uploaded by The Wha!?


baten kaitos rom

Certain items also exist as combo breakers–they tend to be much more powerful than other cards, but cannot be followed at all. Uploaded by andersoncardoso Report.

baten kaitos rom

Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean since Dolphin’s 2. Because the backgrounds are pre-rendered, it can be batej difficult to tell where you can and can’t go when characters are distant from the camera’s vantage point. This dialogue is not part of any cutscene seen throughout the storyline.

baten kaitos rom

The Widescreen hack included with Dolphin causes balancing issues with the background and clipping issues that this Gecko Code for any region will solve. Headache is similar; the numbers have simply changed position on the card. A card with Combo 1 can be played at any time during your turn: There are various debug messages in dialogue text boxes that cannot be seen during normal gameplay.

This does change midway through the second disc, but it’s still very difficult to stay interested in the story after the ‘big plot twist. Although the backstory of Baten Kaitos is interesting, it’s kaitis to become immersed in the world.

Baten Kaitos Eternal Wings And The Lost Ocean – Disc #1

Because of this, it’s rare to sell standard cards, and therefore your menu becomes cluttered with useless cards. It’s free, easy and feels damn good! Characters animate well, though they do run a little goofy. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Despite being more polished in Originsit went unused as there are no enemies in Moonguile Forest.


Dolphin Forum thread Open Batn.

Baten Kaitos – Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (Disc 1) ISO ROM Download for Nintendo Gamecube

Xenoblade is made by monolith, which Nintendo owns, so No chance there. The telling of the story of Kalas and his friends is done from an interesting perspective. The oddest part is that characters do not level up automatically; instead, they must travel to a church at blue-colored save points. The game can run with Dual Orm enabled, if I remember correctly, interacting with picture magnus in the menus are really laggy.

Combo Numbers are the easiest to understand: This game has unused items. Lyude, the Imperial officer with a sense of kaaitos and kaitso, Savyna, the female warrior of great skill, and the Great Mizuti who is the only character who stands to be unique in a sea of mediocrity round out the cast.

You play the role as Guardian Spirit to Kalas and must help him and his friends save the island kingdom in the clouds which they live upon.