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No data to display. Up to 2 players 2 concurrents. Sites Game Searches Videos Mame. Joystick 8 ways details. Many games used the same parts. You can create a new private list, visible only to you, that will allow you to group, view or do other operations on your favorite games. Use right click and select Copy link option.

battle bakraid rom

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The one you got is the one to have IMHO. I’ll take them off rmo hands! All games Parents Clones. Shoutbox provided by vBShout v6. You can report links for further information, images, video or bakrxid url about this game. HugDD thanked this post. Repair Logs for this game The following is a list of the Repair Logs for this game. Sat Jul 29, 1: And now I know why the rules are labelled as such If you are into playing for score, most people consider only scores played on the original Japanese version with full defaults and small bullets the legit version.


Export a complete romset.

battle bakraid rom

No data to display. Sites Game Searches Videos Mame.

Battle Bakraid – Unlimited Version (U.S.A.) (Tue Jun 8 )

Bakradi by Sketch the Cow on April 11, For the umpteenth time Apologies for blunt retort, but I have not much free time at the moment, and feel I need to make this point. Previous topic Next topic.

If there is anything people don’t understand, they should ask questions before requesting rok things change to align with their lack of understanding. You can export this list of games on a file so that it can be used by external programs.

battle bakraid rom

Battle Bakraid, like its predecessor Battle Garegga, is a vertically scrolling top-down shoot’em up. Be the first one to write a review.

Informations provided by Progetto Emma. Playing Garegga without extends at every 1, is like peanut butter without the jelly.

battle bakraid rom

Oh one more thing, on unlocking the Bakraid extras, do I battke have to input the joystick movements and button presses between the number counts one at a time? Please do not request for admin to change things that will jeopardize this consistency. Show Mame required files.


Codice HTML per siti web. I too am abstaining. Anything else will bar you from entering scores in the rankings. Mon Sep 30, Many games had multiple versions of ROMS.

Battle Bakraid – Unlimited Version (Japan) (Tue Jun 8 1999) – MAME machine

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In this case, please indicate below. Edit text below navigation. Wed Jul 26, 1: Continues are NOT allowed!