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NET Extractor module wrapper Suprema. Skip to main content. And this dll should be located at the same folder where UFExtractor. The value ranges from 0 to 7. Refresh End If Screen. Scanne D, rList.

biomini sdk

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The unit is bytes and the value ranges from to and step size is When I ran the sample program, a window appeared asking me to choose the device that I wanted to connect to. Uninit ; Visual Basic. The ‘Brightness’ sdkk a brightness value applied to captured fingerprint image.

Suprema BioMini SDK – Suprema – asmag

Verify method, Key method, Suprema. Click here to sign up. Especially in case of enrollment, the use of good quality image above 50 is highly recommended.

biomini sdk

Image SDK demo provides following methods: Get first database entry The information supplied to me is that the SDK is available as a separate purchase to the fingerprint scanner.


An fingerprint image frame is captured, CaptureEvent is raised. UpdateDataBySerial Serial, null, 0, null, 0, dlg.

Suprema Biomini SDK – Windows, Linux and Android

Refresh End If Screen. To identify a fingerprint, the thread captures a fingerprint image and extracts a template from the image.

The driver executable I received was unsigned — I wish software distributors would treat the digital signature of their drivers as an important security feature. The ‘Sensitivity’ value influences to determine whether the scanner captures an image or not. Demo sample’s OnEnroll VS60 function captures a fingerprint image after setting the template type.

Suprema BioMini SDK now certified ‘Citrix-Ready’

Set fake finger detection option UFExtractor module, Suprema. To use the scanner properly and prevent unexpectable errors, scanner resources should be released when they are unused. NET Extractor module wrapper Suprema. This advertises a C SDKwhich was a huge selling point for me.

Please use this sample as a reference for making your own program.

BioMini Slim 2S – Internavigare s.r.l.

Build and run sample Captured image is stored to the internal buffer. Use this function to set the template type that you want to get from your image file.


biomini sdk

AppendText “Enrollment is succeed Bioini. NET Matcher module wrapper Suprema. Use fake finger detection UFScanner module, Suprema.

The value ranges from 0 to 7.

This function starts a thread by calling StartEnrollThread function. UFScanner module provides functionality for managing scanners, capture finger images from scanners, extracting templates from captured images using scanners, etc. The higher value is, the more strong filter. The higher value is, the more sensitive. Capture image and extract template