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Results 1 to 10 of I know your posts with example of how to work in matlab on tire dta. We believe in our approach and are confident that if you invest your time and are looking for simulation software, LapSim will convince you. The time now is Back to the top. Stored data collected during test drives, training or races require meticulous analysis afterwards.

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This is a common simulation solver type that uses track data of speed and lateral g to derive a trajectory series of curves for the car to follow.

Then figure out how to splice a corner onto either end. Simplification by definition From our perspective simulation is always a simplification of a complex reality.

Ruud feels that Mz effects are very small at max lateral g, but that’s usually not the case because of the net rigid body aligning moment. By further processing the on-car recorded data, using parts lapwim the simulation models, a much more profound analysis of the vehicle behavior can be gained. Quite what use that is I don’t know. The visualization of the vehicle behavior creates a much easier and better understanding of the influence of several vehicle parameters on the performance independent of the technical background of the user.

I am trying to use it for some simulation work for my thesis and am getting absolutely terrible correlation.

Our analysis tool WinDarab supports you in this process. Having got that working I need to see what else I’ve got that wouldn’t install in W7.


This is distinct from forward-backward which is the type of solver algorithm used to connect together the individual quasi-static solutions into a coherent lap, by defining the constraints for each individual solution. With our simulation tool LapSim, you can preprogram your racing car already at your computer at home and check and optimize the settings during virtual test drives.

LapSim Chassis is both an analysis tool as well as a vehicle simulation program. I found them very useful. One is a GUI to show you what the 4 terms do to the tire Fy characteristics. Privacy settings allow you to enable or disable cookies.

While tires are usually insensitive to slip angle changes at max lat, weight transfer and camber influences are still strong players. I remember doing this about 8 years ago when I moved to biut Vista Thanks for the explanation. Contact Us Archive Top.

Sounds like you have the corner part down. It is this second factor that is probably causing you difficulties.

Moreover, we at Bosch Motorsport develop software tools for working areas: All times are GMT This enables us to closely compare the simulation results with engine calibration reality for the several development steps we made. Skip to content Bosch Lapsim older versions Post here information about your own engineering projects, including but not limited to building your own car or designing a virtual car through CAD.

Imprint Privacy Legal Note. However, since racing is basically playing any way you want to look at it real people make their livings by doing something they hatewe cant bitch. A free version has been available from onwards, due to which no other race simulation package is so extensively tested and used as LapSim for the widest variety of vehicles. I looked at the Bosch LapSim demo last year and it appeared by watching the graphics when solving that the solver is a forward-backward solver from a minimum corner speed the ‘apex’ of the trajectory, if not the real physical track apex.


Next to that, over the last 10 years we developed the engines of some Porsche youngtimers we ran on programmable Bosch Motorsport MS4.

Simulation Tool LapSim

One should see the free version as a clear exponent of this thought. User Name Remember Me? I’ll go see where I stashed it Anybody has experience on doing a lap simulation?

That is why in one of my other posts I have asked if anyone would like to share data from one of the other circuits as I understand from recent threads that the courses have been a bit faster and open.