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Why is it non UEI compliant? Could you post here the output of the emulator. The latest version delivered with TC65 is 2. The problem may occur if the network has no valid DNS server, but in rare cases it has been observed even though both the module and the network are configured for automatic DNS assignment. However, in what format do you want a list of the api?

cinterion tc65 sdk

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When I choose the directory to import having the process explorer open, I can see that eclipse runs cmd. Citerion read something about UEI and downloaded the spec.

Wed, 12 May Hi Florent, thanks for the info. After cooling down the module and trying to switch from Charge-only mode to Normal mode or Airplane mode, the module shortly starts up and switches off again although the temperature is back to normal.

Cinterion Quad-Band TC65

Thu, 29 April The output of this emulator command is: Hi Gustavo, that’s great news! I’m having the same problem right now. The best approach, however, is using an appropriate USB host, e. Sat, 15 May Diego Madruga Sandin Messages: I tried to enable debug output in thw.


Therefore you need the drivers and hardware of which I guess you do not cintedion. Best regards, Florent Report message to a moderator. The current company Cinterion may decide differently. I worked for these guys which do now no longer belong to Siemens.

Please check the COM port and the connections! One or more MIDlet class es not found: I’m one of these people who prefer NetBeans to Eclipse.

TC65i development kit | Gemalto M2M

So, I’m not really sure where the problem is. Unable to use selected baud rate for the module. Page generated in 0.

cinterion tc65 sdk

Failure to comply with any of the required procedures can result in malfunctions or serious discrepancies in results. The Ringing Tone generator does not always work reliably. What can I do? In this case, the data are available, but the number cannot be resolved and may be any number between 2 and Only network-independent features are usable and available to run basic tests in the factory.


cinterion tc65 sdk

So why did you throw out the code to load it, if it’s non UEI compliant? Sat, 08 May Also, note that even if a network has no automatic DNS service at all, it is necessary to set a DNS address unequal 0.

Remember that the host application running on the USB interface must be closed before restarting the USB interface as described in [2].

In fact, there is nothing you can directly download from ssk. Tue, 08 June The second question is: The import now works very well, it finds both installed Cinterion WTK. Gustavo de Paula Messages: