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Normal ringing is provided for incoming calls to the primary phone number and users have the option of enabling a distinctive ring for calls to their second and third phone numbers. With higher security added, all users may be prompted for the pass-code every time they log in to the voice portal. If activated, a user must specify the forwarding number and the number of rings before forwarding. The user sets the criteria e. These profiles can quickly be changed using the web or phone when you leave your desk or when you are at a remote location. Each user can add, delete, edit, and re-order numbers in their Personal Phone List, which serves as a personal speed dial list. The user controls the service via a web interface, which provides the ability to set the notify email address and the criteria sets for determining which calls trigger a notification.

commpilot call manager

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All call originations commpillt unregistered phones are denied. Messages can also be composed and sent to one or more users in the group, or the entire group. Prospice will require a hardware ATA to complete this and the customer must provide the paging system. Users can configure the service via their personal web portal or by calling into their voice portal from any phone.

commpilot call manager

Click a button to select the greeting you want callers to hear. Loudspeaker Paging Enables users to access an intercom paging system by dialing an extension within the group. Group Features Account Codes Enables the tracking of calls made to outside of the group by prompting users for an account code. Enables the user to set the manger to “auto-log in to voice portal if calling from the user’s own phone”. Pick from a full menu of features that everyone wants in a new phone system.


Broadsoft commpilot call manager

Busy This option allows you to screen your calls, allowing just a few select ones to come through. Trunk Group users are enabled for individual and group features. The call is sent to the first available person on the list, beginning where the last call left off. This option allows you to screen your calls, allowing just a few select ones to come through.

Remote Office Enables users to access and use their BroadWorks service from any end point, on-net or off-net e. CommPilot Personal Web portal that allows end-users to activate and customize services.

Outlook. How do is enable CommPilot Call Manager?

It is not intended to replace the phone or be a stand-alone substitute for basic call functions. Account codes are managed by the Group Administrator and can be 2 to 14 digits long.

To park a call, a user depresses the flash hook and dials the call park feature code. Answer Call enables users who is already engaged in a call to answer another waiting call.

Broadsoft commpilot call manager download

The user connects with the waiting party and holds the original party. Please note that groups cannot have this service and the Authorization Codes service enabled at the same time.

Group administrators have the option configure two different feature access codes for the same service. Using the Outlook Contacts tab in the Call Manager, users can perform a search of their personal Outlook contacts by name or company. To save your changes, click Save.


Users can also execute call park via the CommPilot Call Manager. Incoming calls go to the first available person on the list, always starting with the first person on the list. Group administrators can also establish a No Answer Policy to redirect calls to the next agent if not answered in a specific number of rings by the previous agent. Group Administrators use their voice portal to record auto attendant greetings.

commpilot call manager

Call Park Managerr a user to hold a call and to retrieve it from another station within the group. Call Forwarding Busy Enables a user to redirect calls to another destination when an incoming call encounters a busy condition. Before transferring the caller, the user may choose to consult with the third party first or establish a three-way consultation.

Call Notify Enables a user to define criteria that cause certain incoming calls to trigger an email notification. This service can be used in conjunction with the following services: The user controls the service via a web interface, which provides the ability to activate and deactivate the service.

A feature access code could also be used as a prefix to a speed code.