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The SDK is very easy to integrate. To track user interactions e. You are commenting using your Google account. Returns True if Apteligent should automatically send app load request. Tells Apteligent whether or not to report the app version code as part of the app version that is reported to Apteligent. If you set a customized app version name in the CrittercismConfig instance, you should use that string and not the manifest string in app-version-name.

crittercism android sdk

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Suggest an update Name changed? Only one user flow for a given name can be in progress at a given time. Statistics Market share overall 0. Enables OkHttpClient instrumentation to collect network insights. An list of blacklisted URLs. On that page, you can see a live view of the app sessions, crashes, and handled exceptions in real time.

HTTP status code, androise. Set to Ddk otherwise. You can load your app in a simulator or on an Android device and watch the app loads graph go up and if does, then you should be good to go. Ending, failing, or cancelling a user flow stops a user flow. If you begin a second user flow with the same name while another is in progress, the first user flow will be cancelled and the new one will take its place.


Smule – The 1 Singing App. A boolean to indicate whether Apteligent should automatically send app load request or the app will decide when app load request manually. Breadcrumbs provide the ability to track activity within your app. Have you used crittercism or any other similar SDK?

Returns True if Apteligent is automatically instrumenting ssdk monitoring. Used to report data to Apteligent. All user flows will appear on Apteligent portal except for cancelled user flows. Note Follow the instructions in this section only if your app obfuscates with Android Proguard.

Returns a boolean that describes whether Apteligent automatically instruments network monitoring. When you test your integration the best way is to throw an exception such as below:.

By default, Crittercism will send app load event automatically when your app is started. The callback will receive crash information, see CrashData for details.

Please see Setting Up the Manifest above. Eddie Freeman Eddie Freeman 5 5 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges.


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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Yes, it really is that straightfoward as adding the jar and initializing the SDK with:. If you wish to offer your users the ability to opt out of Crittercism crash reporting, you andeoid set the OptOutStatus to True.

Returns True if Apteligent should automatically send app load request.

crittercism android sdk

Set to True to allow Apteligent to send data on a cellular network. Be careful to upload the right file for your version!

Android SDK — Apteligent documentation

Returns True if Apteligent is allowed to send data while on a cellular network. To initialize Apteligent add the following code at the beginning of the onCreate of your main Activity: Market share in critterdism apps. My application is still under development, so I can’t see the reports to myself and say that I got it to work.

crittercism android sdk