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Thanks to new studies in the realm of reanimation and a comparison of the many near death experiences, it is now possible to compile a detailed schematic picture of what the soul experiences soon after separating from the body. For example, in the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus the soul of Lazarus is taken to heaven by angels. They seemed to derive new strength in this for the daring of their attacks on me, and now with furious bellowing they spun about us, preventing us from going any further. In some instances, the Lord allows the souls of the departed to appear to friends or relatives to forewarn them of what awaits in the world to come and thus to encourage them to live righteously. After all our feeling of self, our me, recognizes itself as single and unending being throughout the course of its life. I felt repentant and my former life did not satisfy me.

da sam ja netko vanda winter

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Still others arrive in dark netherworlds where they describe seeing loathsome and cruel beings. When I grabbed it, we were already at the second firmament.

Angels and the souls of the dead can only be in one particular place, be it heaven, hell or earth. Without the guidance of Christian teachings and the many centuries of knowledge and experience of the Orthodox Church, they started studying the condition of the “astral” body and fell into the labyrinths of occultism.

Their logic is simple, “since you behaved as wintre do, then your place is with us. Others as the beach of a lake or ocean, yet others as a gate, stream or cloud. W e have already mentioned several contemporary accounts about the review that some people experience when they leave their bodies.

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Hagin remembers that in April of when he lived in McKinney, Texas his heart stopped beating and his soul left his body. Then she realized that as in nature so in each life there are periods of winters and summers that combine to form a singular fullness in God’s plan. Regarding the informal judgement, the Scripture teaches us: When the gates opened, for a moment, she saw a street in golden light.


While I stood, I was fanned by a pleasant fragrance; it filled me in such a way that I felt no need of food or drink. For this reason, attempts to produce experiments in this field are in conflict with the Will of God and bring the experimenter into contact with the fallen spirits of that world. Therefore, the meeting of deceased relatives should not be viewed as a given, but an exception made by the Lord for the benefit of people, who must return to life on earth.

The crux of the problem lies not with the experiences, but with the interpretations by doctors and psychiatrists distant from Christianity.

Da sam ja netko – (Indexi) Braća uboga & Vanda Winter HD

My guides explained that these were the Martyrs and other Saints. The monk who saw hell’s prisoner could not rid himself of the stench which clung to him for the rest of his days from the book “Eternal Mysteries from Beyond the Grave” a publication of St.

I became incredibly ashamed, because of what I saw. As a result of his burns he lost both his legs and part of his arm. Having netok through some ainter its distance, I saw a bright light above me, it resembled, as it seemed to me, our sunlight, but was much more intense.

Dw, who published three valuable books full of authentic data, began to experiment in the areas of Theosophy and transcendental meditation. At the other end of the tunnel, I saw a light that was so bright that I could touch it. It is interesting to note that when Saint Netkoo, not seeing the Virgin Mary, asked where She was, the angel explained: But, experimenting in the material world differs in essence from experiments in the realm of out of body experiences.

He was frozen by fear of the fiery sulfur rushing towards him. Undoubtedly only because such a designation of it was completely outside of the normal order of things and logic, for if a similar hideous sight appeared before me at another time, undoubtedly I would have said that it was some kind of fiction personified, an abnormal caprice of one’s imagination.


da sam ja netko vanda winter

I felt its warmth. I felt heavy within and weary… I, however, only felt an insurmountable striving towards somewhere, an attraction towards something… I felt more clearly that I, as a whole, could not unite, that something had to separate within me… I almost screamed out loud, and made an attempt to free myself, to tear myself from that force which was attracting me, and suddenly I felt a calm within myself… I opened my eyes, and everything that I saw in the course of that minute, down to the slightest details, registered in my memory with complete clarity.

da sam ja netko vanda winter

In a comparable way, people who arrive in the other world when they die are at a loss to explain much of what is seen or felt. In the addendum we will examine the Theosophical teaching on reincarnation.

Da sam ja neko – Dobošnica – |

vandaa Rawlings provides us with examples of such amnesia. Nevertheless, in a wider scope, the faithful should always be extremely careful with all visions or mystic experiments.

The Book of Revelation in general terms speaks of how the souls of the righteous in heaven react to the events taking place on earth Rev. Death was not a rule established by God, but, rather, a parting from God’s way and a terrible tragedy. Only after seeing his “double” lying breathless below him and becoming convinced that he is incapable of making himself known to the living, does he realize that his soul has left its body.

da sam ja netko vanda winter

The Tunnel and the Light. Leaving the body and rising up, she saw her dead relatives and friends.