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For more information about VarPhonex products and services, to learn more about our reseller program please visit www. Our Net-Net family of session border controllers, multiservice security gateways and session routing proxies supports multiple applications in service provider, large enterprise and contact center networks—from VoIP trunking to hosted enterprise and residential services to fixed-mobile convergence. Linksys is dedicated to making networking easy and affordable for its customers, offering innovative, award-winning products that seamlessly integrate with a variety of devices and applications. Create-a-Plan is designed to let the reseller increase profit by assuming the risk of their customers usage. Support of SIP devices, ideal for an office of 4 to 16 users.

discador ibest internet ilimitada

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Discador iG internet iLimitada

The purpose of this tool is to allow resellers to edit the dialing pattern to be consistent discadod the way the reseller’s client dials through their local telephone company. To speak with one of our representatives directly, please contact the VarPhonex reseller team at When users are making calls through their local phone intdrnet, they don’t always dial this way.

Our clients range from individual consumers to small businesses, Hotels. They also required a platform that could provide highly scalable hosted NAT traversal along with significant amounts of signaling protocol translations and fix-ups. A Internap serve atualmente a mais de 1. About VarPhonex Founded inVarPhonex is a leading provider of proven, high quality internet telephony services and infrastructure for business and residential users and service providers worldwide.

For more information about VarPhonex, visit www. These costs make it very difficult for smaller infrastructure intense providers to compete and many have changed their model to focus on sales and support and let VarPhonex focus on the infrastructure and heavy lifting.

discador ibest internet ilimitada

We offer inexpensive alternatives to traditional telephone service around ilimirada world. This allows resellers to set a maximum usage and cap their monthly costs to improve profit margins. VarPhonex is a privately held company headquartered in Miami, Florida with technical facilities in Virginia and other International locations. In addition to showing existing products and services, VarPhonex plans to introduce a new rating tool which enables resellers to create customized rate tables for multiple pricing strategies.


The new system supports the following mainstream PBX features: This is combined with an award-winning Windows based IP PBX with features that make it easy to install, configure and manage, increasing productivity and enabling businesses to reduce their telecommunication costs and boost their profit margins.

Discadores Para Internet Ilimitada – IG E Telefonica

Video Phone Calls – VarPhonex now supports ilimutada calls at no additional charge. Toda conta da VarPhonex permite gratuitamente um Voice Mail que possibilita o envio das mensagens para seu e-mail. Interested VARs can sign up for the VarPhonex Reseller Program and get a discount on the new system as well as other VarPhonex VoIP services and products, including VarPhonex’s high-availability open platform for automated provisioning, billing, user interface and back office support capabilities.

discador ibest internet ilimitada

Bramson brings to InPhonex more than 15 years experience in telecommunications. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an enterprise telephony system, small businesses can now purchase a fully functional PBX system operating over the VarPhonex IP telephony network, saving on both up-front costs as well as on regular monthly telephone bills.

About VarPhonex Founded inVarPhonex internt a leading provider of proven, high quality Internet telephony services inyernet infrastructure for service providers worldwide.

Works with the Linksys SPA series of office phones. Additional Control Panel Upgrades will allow resellers the ability to edit the overall design and edit the language displayed in the Control Panel. For more information on Create-a-Plan, please visit: ChannelWeb – Solution providers interested in a refreshing take on VoIP from young, up-and-coming companies need look no further. The new system supports the following mainstream PBX features:.


No passado, em poucos meses muitos provedores populares de VoIP experimentaram os problemas severos devido sua inabilidade com o forte crescimento dos sistemas.

Two FXS voice ports supporting analog phone, fax machines, answering machines or media adaptors. VarPhonex resellers control their own subscriptions, set their own pricing and even have their own branded SIP Proxy all thanks to the ibet and visionaries at VarPhonex. If the reseller does not require the free phone adaptor, VarPhonex will offer a larger discount on the US and Canada Unlimited plan. Resellers can now check if their phone number is portable, place their order to port their number and learn more about the device trade-in program at www.

In response to reseller demand to transfer their customers current phone number, the VarPhonex Portability Program makes it easy for the consumer to leave their existing discaxor service provider without losing their phone number. Supporting automatic discovery of new phones and via remote updating, automatic updating of software and settingsthe system eases maintenance costs and updating for VARs and their end-customers alike.

Bramson will assume direct management responsibility for the sales divisions of both InPhonex and VarPhonex operations worldwide. Combining robust network infrastructure and leading edge services, the company is committed to providing the industry’s most customizable private label packages for VARs.

Ibrst is a can’t-miss, and the only IP-focused event of its kind.