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Retrieved April 21, Free and open-source software portal. Firefox Hello now includes instant messaging. Android Fixed an issue related to the “request desktop site” feature. Retrieved March 11,

firebug for firefox 16.0.2

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firebug for firefox 16.0.2

A similar set of benchmark tests in showed Firefox’s Javascript performance on Kraken and the newer Jetstream tests trailing slightly behind all other tested browsers except Internet Explorer IEwhich performed relatively poorly. I recommend instead Mozilla Firefox, which is free at mozilla. Animation inspector now displays animations in a timeline.

Accessibility related improvements on using pinned tabs. Fixed a startup crash with EMET. Display of end-of-life message on non-NEON devices. Retrieved April 16, Moved the mobile bookmarks folder to the main bookmarks 16.0.22 for easier access.

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Firefox 17 is the first version of the browser that uses SpiderMonkey Firefox at Wikipedia’s sister projects. In Aprilusers of Firefox Retrieved September 6, Public key pinning support enabled.


firebug for firefox 16.0.2

Users can choose search suggestions from the Awesome Bar. SVG images can be used as favicons. Client-side session and persistent storage”.

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Retrieved April 29, friebug Blocks malware from downloaded files. Now you can with our geometry editor. Support for multi-line flexbox in layout. CSP implementation now supports multiple policies, including the case of both an enforced and Report-Only policy, per the specification.

These WebGL updates mean that more complex site and Web app animations can render smoothly in Firefox, and that developers can animate 2D objects into 3D without plug-ins.

firebug for firefox 16.0.2

Archived from the original on December 26, In Septembera Metro-style version of Firefox optimized for touchscreen use was introduced on the “Aurora” release channel. Pages using Timeline CS1 maint: Retrieved September 28, Right-to-left locales will now display the search bar correctly. Redesigned HTML5 video controls.

Both Firefox 38 and Firefox 38 ESR were released on May 12,with new tab-based preferences, Ruby annotation support and availability of WebSockets in web workers, cirebug with the implementation of the BroadcastChannel API and other features and security fixes. 16.2 Firefox project has undergone several name changes.


I recently installed the latest Pentadactyl nightly as of 2-Nov on FF Retrieved September 6, In benchmark testing in early on a “high-end” Windows machine, comparing Microsoft EdgeInternet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, Firefox achieved the highest score on three of the seven tests.

End of Firefox for Android slated for as Fenix rises”. The Awesome Bar now auto-completes typed URLs, a new feature that will suggest a website that user frequently visits for a faster browsing. CSS box-decoration-break replaces -moz-background-inline-policy.