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The following sample code can get you started. A sample campaign referral using autotagging might look like:. An example application is included with the SDK that demonstrates what your project should look like if set up successfully. You have to call setCustomVariableAtIndex before you track a pageview or event. Note it down; this is the unique identification of your application. Post as a guest Name. Import the ” GANTracker.


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Instead, use the dispatchSynchronous: You can find sample code and best practices at code. In my case it was set up as an app so although the requests were being made, they were being dispatched to gantracker. Google suggested the reporting period as 10 seconds. Now it is time to download the Google Analytics Library for iPhone, using the following link: Active 6 years, 5 months ago.

Track your iPhone application stats using Google Analytics – RootAdmin

Batching Hits To save on connection and battery overhead, we recommend batching your tracking requests. For more information on how you can use custom variables, read the Custom Variable Guide. You can view page level performance of your iphone application in google analytics with detailed information like bounce rate, unique page views, avg.

After implementing the code, you can see the results the next day. I have included GANTracker. New users should use the latest SDK. It provides application and UIViewController level tracking with almost no development effort.


SDK Overview This SDK uses a tracking model that is designed to track users to traditional websites and interaction with widgets in traditional web pages.


Sign up using Email and Password. The names you choose will be populated in your Analytics reports as page paths even though they are not actually HTML pages, but you can use this to your advantage by structuring paths to provide additional groupings for your calls.


You can see the Top content Section report that includes bounce rate and unique page views for the iPhone application in gantracer.h image. We know the advantages of Google Analytics for websites.

It is often convenient to call this method directly in the applicationDidFinishLaunching method of your app’s delegate. Use the mobile tracking SDK to track your phone applications with the following Analytics gantradker.h types: Event tracking implementation Through event tracking implementation helps you to get idea about which actions i. We are done with the coding part.

It only worked when i tried this steps: A gamtracker.h of 0 turns off hit generation, while a rate of sends all data to Google Analytics. Want our Blogs straight to your inbox? The following two files are the key components of the Google Analytics Library.


This document describes how to integrate the SDK with your apps.

Track your iPhone application stats using Google Analytics

It’s a free tool, tracks traffic generated to your website, lists out famous pages in your website, and does visitor segmentation. At any time, you can instantiate only one object, and the application should use the same instance. You can view click event data of buttons in top event section, which shows number of unique events and total events in below image.

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.

You can download it from: Subscribe to continue reading. Just import the ” GANTracker. YES]; You can set anonymizeIp at any time. If you have a page with multiple events on it, like button clicks, combo box selections, or list selections, do not use “Page Views” because it is an expensive operation. George Hanna George Hanna 1 1 silver badge 18 18 bronze badges.