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Your name or email address: I’ve forgotten my password. I’m not mad keen on collecting mods but I make an exception for these guys, whose work is superb. Please come join us on track at The ADC. We don’t like annoying ads either and GPRO will never use such intrusive ads. British GT car mod – skins? And GTR2 seems to be more ‘hardcore’.

gtr2 f3000 mod

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A1 GP 2005-06 Mod 0.9 for GTR2 – Released

I prefer add-on tracks above add-on cars. The game has a ton of already configured control options, and the controller is already set up so perfectly. For now at least I prefer GTR2 offline by a mile, but online – all the racing classes in RACE are great fun, you can actually get some proper racing going if you’re lucky.

I’m not sure if this addresses your issue with the AI however Jimmeh. Graham H, on Feb 5 Yes 3 votes [ Posted 05 February – If we want more different cars to drive then there is another sim, Race07, that has different cars.

A1 GP Mod for GTR2 – Released – – % Independent Sim Racing News

Also, there is an official patch for the game out already, and I noticed mention of AI fixes. I’ve only played it for about an hour, as I’ve been really busy at work lately, working 6 and 7 day t3000 weeks for the holidays. I think Simbin has kept all the licenses though.


Steve Walsh, on Feb 5 I don’t need another skin to drive faster, I need more time to practice. David Rolleston Group Amateur – And where are the Acuras?

The Exige mod had been used several time before and so appeared to be quite ftr2 ‘safe’ mod to use. Does it have a driving school like in GTR2? Simbin team split up? Share This Page Tweet. Next time I better spend some more time playing a game before saying what it can and can’t do.

gtr2 f3000 mod

If that’s the case, then I guess it pretty much is gtr3. Logitech Z, Zalman water cooling. I have to post again, to fix some errors about what I said about this game.

gtr2 f3000 mod

However the game runs much better, as in Race 07 I can turn all the graphics option to the max and the game still runs smooth as silk. We don’t like annoying ads either and GPRO will never use such intrusive ads.

Race ’07 (gtr 3) [pc]

A 15 minute test with a few people who know what they are doing won’t help either. How about weather effects? Look for mods for Race 07, and you will certainly one day? Perhaps more important it also has newer net code than GTR2. Search titles only Posted by Member: Quote Ervins Licitis November 23rdThis was my first recorded hotlap either.


F Challenge v |

Your name or email address: They don’t seem as significant as before, but that may mmod because they are not as intense as the sunlight dashboard reflections in DiRT. Does this mean we can introduce our own skins again for existing cars like we had before? In GTR2 you had a pitcrew waiting, in rFactor a big marker, but in RACE r3000 seems that you’ve just got to remember which identical empty garage out of the 30 or so is yours.

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