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Watch Presentation At Studio Studio: Caixa Postal — CEP: House of Bootleg September 25 at 5: With records consecrated as ” first and last and always ” released in , ” Floodland ” and ” vision thing ” the sisters of mercy remain in the top of the style. John Wins] of [

guilherme valim pode isso producao

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In other tickets in Latin America the group featured sold out shows and historical performances.

House of Bootleg September 25 at See some photos of the presentation at rockfest – credits: In Luggage, the sextet brings six international tours between the United States, Canada and Europe, several tickets by sescs and cultural centers from all over the country and participation in major national and international festivals such as Festival BelgiumSouth by Southwest USA and north by Northwest Canadaoverload music fest BrazilDosol Brazil and Molotov Cocktail Brazil.

Angra Holy Land 20 th.


Buy your ticket for show in curitiba: Angelus Apatrida] land here in December, on a joint tour with the carioca band, [ Follow the end disaster on its official channels: Unofficial video with the song “Turn Away” by Shaman taken from the album “Reason”.

Watch the lyric video: House of Bootleg September 19 at 7: Because poxe is the first time of the band in South America, they promise to perform “the most impactful shows today” – their sound brings a huge load of emotional and intense melodies, in addition to the body performances of vocalist Colin Van Eeckhout, and his perforations.


guilherme valim pode isso producao

It will be the first time of the band in Guitarist Marcos Kleine recorded a video where he invites everyone to iaso show. Viper], one of the most important names in National Metal History, announced that it will fall on the road in for a more than special tour. The singer eldritch has as the main trait the deep voice.

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In Maythe band blue rovers began recording with the producer ear changes of the music producer Carlos Bechet, at the studio wiro at cantareira college. They have two albums and two ep’s. Heavy Talk] talking about a video that would have made and used some takes I filmed from the song When I went to watch honestly I thought it was an official clip size the care with all the context of images and audio, in fact here is the suggestion for [ House of Bootleg September 16 at 5: I believe in fairies, but do you know what else I believe?

On the occasion there will be promotions in the merchandising Vocalist Kito Valim talked about the movie; ” this movie is a very important achievement for us. John Wins] of [ House of Bootleg September 25 at 3: As long as we name his name and his legacy, he will And that’s all that matters!!! They released in October the new album, “reborn”. Shaman] to consider it Anyway, I asked John for permission to publish this video here at house and be able to share with you a little bit of this moment when feelings collide with Feelings these of loss, emptiness, emotion, gratitude, but above all, feelings of pride and happiness to know how much Andre was and is dear.


House of Bootleg September 25 at 9: They are strongly influenced by hardcore post, doom, sludge and post metal, having neurosis as one of their main references.

Seja um apoiador do canal! Armored Dawn] is undoubtedly one of the greatest revelations of Brazilian metal today.

guilherme valim pode isso producao

Mutilation Records —Galeria do Rock Rua 24 de maio 62, segundo andar loja With records consecrated as ” first and last and always ” released in” Floodland ” and ” vision thing ” the sisters of mercy remain in the top of the style.

Blue Rovers] has just released a video telling the story of the group pide all these years of career. The song opens with the lyrics,”so sorry, so sorry, but you’re going down”.

guilherme valim pode isso producao

Check Out Set Dawn Set-list on rockfest: The formation of angelus apatrida brings guillermo izquierdo “Polako” guitar and vocalsDavid G.