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A fandisk titled Hoshizora no Memoria -Eternal Heart- which contained 2 extra routes was released on 29 January ; both the standard game and the fandisk were sold together in Hoshizora no Memoria Complete , released 26 November After the science center closed down, its director gifted Isuzu with an old telescope, along with a key to Hibari High’s rooftop, so she could continue stargazing. She has had feelings for You since she was a child but has hidden her feelings from him. You visits Mare, who attempts to cheer him up by stripping naked, but You rejects her advances. User stats Vote stats votes total, average 7.

hoshizora no memoria visual novel

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Along with this, you’ll get the previous Deluxe box set of Hoshizora no Memoria, the limited T-shirt, the thank you Shikishi, and the Poster Set. Archived from the original on August 4, She is chronically ill which often causes her to miss school for long periods of time. Meanwhile, back at school, You ends up joining the Astro Circle Tenkuruwhich is in desperate need of new members and has been demoted from an official club to a hobby circle.

hoshizora no memoria visual novel

Chihiro later passed away from his illness, prompting Kasumi to move away from Hibarigasaki. He remembers a promise he made with a girl when he was a child and now he is trying to find her. ShirahaYuki Nov 16, 9: Views Read Edit View history. While stargazing one night with Chinami and Suzuha, Isuzu and You are visited by Mare, who recognizes Isuzu’s “nightmare” and reaps it with her scythe, causing the telescope to fall apart in Chinami’s arms.

God has better things to do.

Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

In Komomo’s meomria, it is revealed that Kosame is in fact not properly human, but is an illusory dream of similar nature to Mare. This page was last edited on 22 Septemberat Hoshizora no Memoria Complete patch. After clearing Isuzu’s route, Chinami’s will be made available. After completing routes, extra content is added to the common route.


Mare expresses a desire to marry You and someday visit the stars with him, so she can introduce him to her family. However, Chinami and You menoria give the repaired telescope back to Isuzu, revealing that they worked together to fix it in order to mend their friendship.

Later on, Yume begins to succumb to her illness, and writes a final farewell to You. Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- patch. Visual novelHoshizofa. After each individual route’s completion, a mysterious girl begins to encounter You in each subsequent playthroughs; You eventually recognizes her as the lookout girl, but is unable to approach her.

hoshizora no memoria visual novel

Kosame is revealed to have attacked Mare in order to protect Suwa, and furthermore is the one who requested that Suwa be sent to Hibarigasaki, in order to eliminate Kosame herself.

It almost feels like the first draft was turned in and then used for the final build.

Sekai Project announced an English localization of the game, [2] which was released on December 18, on Steam. While the game itself doesn’t force you to play it in this order, you will want to follow this order to get the best experience.

Komomo instead asks Mare hoshizoa reap her own nightmare, which turns out to be Kosame’s ephemeral nature. As this is not nukige, all-ages players will get a fleshed out experience that does not feel totally chopped up.

Hoshizora no Memoria – Wikipedia

She introduces herself as Mare, and tells Cisual that she has been waiting for him for a long time. Years later, Mare is reborn as Mea, the daughter of You and Yume, and the family visit the vissual together under Hibarigasaki’s starry sky. And with a final departure she kisses You on the forehead. Before making the move to the city, You spent almost every single day after school playing with a girl up at the town observation lookout; she was You’s first true friend.


In the true route, Asuho confesses to You but You turns her down, after which she reveals to him the name of the lookout girl: First was A Sky Full of Stars by Pulltop, which focused on multiple schools coming together to create a far grander astronomy group. You begins to visit Yume, who at first pretends not to remember him from their childhood.

hoshizora no memoria visual novel

These choices will only appear once that heroine’s route is unlocked, so keep in mind that you may not see them. Once You returns to his hometown, he searches for that childhood friend, only to find his previous meet-up location is now memorix and abandoned. Kasumi then married Taiga, giving birth to You; however, after learning of Ren’s actions, Taiga divorced Kasumi out of guilt, and Kasumi returned to Chihiro, giving birth to Chinami.