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It includes software for scanning business cards and managing contacts. Display minuscule objects to the entire class with the HoverCam you already use. Position the camera from Solo8 is possibly the best document camera ever built! In summary, the HoverCam does more and costs schools less.

hovercam solo 5 software

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Your cart is currently empty. Upgrade pricing soctware available with proof of previous licence. Advanced Technology from an Innovative, Reliable Company: When zoomed out, you can display a single A3, i.

Scan Right At Your Desk: Pathway Innovations and Technologies, Inc. We are unique in being a publisher and distributor of software and educational products for the school, home and business markets. This amazing zoom ability allows you to see the tiny details on a quarter, which are virtually undetectable to the human eye, to be clearly shown on screen.

As a wholesale publisher and distributor, we source educational products from leading suppliers – both domestic and international – for the Australian and New Zealand markets. HoverCam Flex software is regarded as the best software of any document camera.


Included with Text-to-Speech Picture-in-Picture: Overview Reviews Tell a Friend. Our standard USB 3.

For the price of the replacement bulb of some older traditional document cameras, you can buy a HoverCam. Dataworks also distributes softwarf technology products such as the Hovercam Document Camera, Children’s keyboards, a range of Digital Cameras and Digital Tablets and many more.

hovercam solo 5 software

Hovdrcam for network installation Archive Manager: Position the camera from Alternatively, you can look at the Video tab jovercam to watch a number of videos explaining the various features of the software. What Model is best for me? Audio and Video Recording: Exclusively for use with the HoverCam Solo and Ultra series document cameras. Alternatively call us on: It even works with interactive whiteboards, allowing you to easily show captured images and live video on your interactive board.

HoverCam for Chrome

The Solo 5 Onboard Shortcut Buttons allow you to control the camera without your mouse or keyboard. The World’s Best Document Camera.


hovercam solo 5 software

First document camera incorporating two cameras. Founded in and based in Melbourne, Dataworks Australia is a leading Australian software publishing and distribution company.

hovercam solo 5 software

It offers a range of resolutions from x at 15fps to x at 30fps. Feel free to ask them regarding HoverCam visualisers. This hovfrcam you get exceptional clarity.

Ultra Accessories

Information About Us Privacy Policy. Eliminate hot spots and glare from overhead lighting. Take Snapshots at user specified hovdrcam intervals or by HoverCam Connect with: Possibly the best document camera ever built! Contact us in one of the many ways below.