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How I Met Your Mother is over. I have to admit, the 9th season for me were one of my favorite seasons out of himym, but it was ruined with the last episode. I get the whole finders keepers thing, I really do. Stop reading now if you hate recap paragraphs.. For once in my life I got lucky.

how i met your mother 07x01

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No more next week. I used to believe in destiny, you know?

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I was happy that she stopped the woman in the end, but that was a really shitty thing to do. This means the world to me. Trust was ruined when Robin and Barney cheated on their partners.

Everyone wants a specific url. I know how I felt when I got robin-scherbatsky, and I was super excited about it. Moter zachspencer a question robinscherbatsky. I get that feeling. But I motber promised the url and got excited about it, etc.

Fast forward and Barney lies to Robin throughout many episodes to propose to her; The Robin. You start believing again. The roller coaster of emotions went on on, seeing Ted and Robin get together and break up again and again, see Barney and Robin date, break up then get married.


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I got excited about it. No more next year.

how i met your mother 07x01

Vimeo therobin finalpageofplaybook himym robinscherbatsky. But you did hurt me. So I do have a valid reason to be upset and offended about it. I also understand that you got lucky, and I know how that is, and if the situation were different, I would be happy for you. It was my friend, a teacher, a thing to watch and relax with, it was my show. But I do want you to know what you did was intentionally hurtful to me and mothee cool at all. I believe everyone has a show, just one.

Within the five or ten seconds robinscherbatsky was unoccupied, someone snagged it from me. For once in my life I got lucky.

How I Met Your Mother S07E01 – The Best Man

Though I admit, I was empethatic motjer Robin when she confessed her feelings about wanting to try again when telling Barney things to say to Nora to get her back in The Best Manbut The Stinson Missle Crisis had me really mad. And I miss it with everything I have. You go wherever you want.


how i met your mother 07x01

I guess the question is: No more next mkther. It’s just everyday, I think I believe a little less and a little less and a little less and that sucks.

how i met your mother 07x01

The future is scary, but you cant just run back to the past just because its familiar. We made a huge arrangement about it, I called in a favor with a friend to get her a url she wants, etc. What do I about that, Scherbatsky?

How I Met Your Mother 7×01 The Best Man – ShareTV

Log in Sign up. Robin seems to be okay with this, seeing that Barney is truly happy with Quinn.

Alright, so I had an agreement with the owner of robinscherbatsky that we were going to trade one of ho saved urls for hers because I really want robinscherbatsky.