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Well now, my iMac is connected to the internet, but whatever i try i can not get it to work, always same error. The value is critical for the times in EPGs and timers. Is crashing regularly when saving user bouquets to disk or uploading to the DM. Make sure your network is not too busy and klick the Retry-button. This is basically a very good app but let down by performance.

idreamx 2.6

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Keep up the good work! Help – Menu item “Help On Macupdate it’s the 2.

iDreamX for Mac Free download

A big thanks to the dev. Page 1 of 4. Enigma2 – View all running programs of a bouquet. Here are all the innovations of idgeamx version 2.

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What would we Dreambox users do without this guy? That’s why I iDreamX v2, for the most part re-written.


idreamx 2.6

When creating or editing of timers can now be selected radio stations. Appears with right-click on EPG. Die Bedienung ist genau wie bei den ‘Box Timern’. The value is critical for the times in EPGs and timers. This makes it easier to create symlinks Menu: Last edited by W. This seems a bug of Enigma2 and will hopefully be resolved idreamd. Please let me know which features you are missing. I can’t success to tune it.

So you can easily get rid of it. The enclosed “picon” folder contains only Picon from Astra satellite. Turns the box to the EPG channel Full support from radio stations added – The [Channel] button can now be selected radio stations. One of my most used applications in MacOSX. Thank and sorry speak french.

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Visitors from certain countries might see in-text advertising underlind words in posts or pop-under ads. Many thanks in advance for your reply. Answer will appear in iDreamX enigma2 only Movie: This can iDreamX now: In the Menu bar is the leftmost button to idrea,x With this button we see the timer list and it can be deleted by tapping the red button on the timer.


idreamx 2.6

Actually it doesn’t work locally either. BB code is On. Shows the tooltip of the selected list in a separate window. Boss For This Useful Post: The only question is this.

The time now is Dreambox and other Sat receiver run with linux.