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And yeah, their shoe games are unfair [laughs]. Being a full time DJ is pretty sweet [laughs]. Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube. Plus that was the first one tour. Wax still thought it was tight and asked me if I would join the team. What was my major again? I thought about being a DJ like every day and every night.

illroots radio volume 1

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I remember this concert called Fresh Fest in D. I played it around Illroohs and parties. Understand how much music you need to have. I went to school for some weird shit [laughs].

illroots radio volume 1

So I ended up leaving school. I got into this because I saw Kid Capri doing his thing on Youtube, like really performing. Be persistent as hell and know that it takes a lot of self-promotion. December made three years. Plus that was the first one tour. Follow us on Instagram modernnotoriety. Do your musical influences affect your personal style and shoe raadio at all?

Week in the Feet – Chase B of illroots Radio

Dopest cities and spots for music and going out? I usually keep it pretty chill when I have to go out. And I gotta get my hands on some Atmos Air Max 90s, the duck camo and infrareds.


Also, I like to watch the party build up. I probably wear these 3 days out of the week on average, but this would be a pretty boring feature if I did that this week. I thought about being a Voluem like every day and every night. I was really big on the other side of radio.

[Feature] Chase B: Make Way For The New OG | JENESIS Magazine

You play that good good in the evenings, but what are you doing in the day? Oh, and I ran track. Wax wanted to do a monthly mixtape series and asked me to do the first Illroots Radio, but it never came out due to some issues.

Throwback, now they have an actual shop in the Lower East Side. Where do you see Houston in terms of Hip-Hop in the future?


I was going to be an advertising sales dude or whatever. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

illroots radio volume 1

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What kind of kicks are you wearing on a night out or when you have a gig? Only Mita could come up with this colorway. Where can everyone find you and your mixes online? That shit really sounded like a party was goin down in the car haha. Most prized sneaker you own or your best sneaker come up?


I feel like music and sneakers go hand in hand. I gauge it off the momentum build up. But were you good? Which do you prefer being a radio DJ or a tour DJ?