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Allocate the right channel reverb buffers only if the mixer is setup for stereo mode. See the NEWS file for more details. Cmake support covers more targets and options now. As of September , Shlomi handed the baton to Ozkan as the maintainer for the project. With optional color and themes. New color interface by Andrew Zabolotny, with themes built-in editor , file selector, recursive directory scanning, threaded player. Version control migrated to Git:

libmikmod so 2

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Fixes several bugs, plugs several security holes, backports a new improved ALSA driver, etc. The sources were moved to a Git repository on SourceForge.

libmikmod so 2

Fixed document generation using newer texinfo. In order to checkout the sources by cloning the repository, use the following command: Fixes playback of some rare brokenly prepared files – e. Here is a screenshot of the new color interface in version 3. There’s a mailing list mikmod-public for discussing the development of MikMod new features, bugs, ideas Latest version of libmikmod3: Fixed segmentation fault in case of bad sample offsets in broken files.


Fixes several bugs, plugs several security holes, etc. For previous releases, visit the previous releases page. See the NEWS file for more details. Patch from Andrew Rossignol.

This is why he handed the baton to Shlomi Fish in order to sl new features, fix bugs and bring the project further.

Can be enabled by –enable-simd configury option, similarly with cmake.

RPM resource 2()(64bit)

Libmikmid standalone makefiles with cross-build support. Releases here are source only. To read the existing messages archive, visit http: Remove unused function pointers. New –disable-alldrv option to disable all of the audio output drivers. As of SeptemberShlomi handed the baton to Ozkan as the maintainer for the project. If additional –enable-xxx options are given, the specified drivers will be enabled. New CMake build system. This is a maintenance release.

RPM resource 2

Changed to use ansi stdio functions instead of posix unistd, for better portability. Fixed a crash upon driver shutdown. And here it is in pdf format: If built with libmikmod3, samples and instrument panels are dynamic, and there is a new volume bar panel.


libmikmod so 2

Minor corrections to the container parse code with relation to upkg file format. Mikmod is a module player and library supporting many formats, including mod, s3m, it, and xm.

RPM resource

All who are using libmikmod Simplified its command line parser procedure, so that it always sets server and sink to some value, NULL or otherwise, and fix a very minor memory leak on some occasions. With optional color and themes.

This is a lihmikmod release to fix minor bugs since mikmod Documentation for libmikmod3latest version 3.

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