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Feature request MC – Don’t use average entry price for open positions. Discretionary order execution features were introduced in version 7. Feature request MC – Ability to easily hide and show profiles on chart. Retrieved from ” https: Exception when opening a workspace and loading inputs. Views Read Edit View history.

multicharts 8.7

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A realtime market scanner completes the arsenal of tools. A new trader has a difficult choice — there are literally hundreds of trading schools, third-party indicators and trading platforms on the market.


When using the same sessions and Session Breaks with option Break on Sessions enabled on two Renko charts, Session Breaks did not coincide on a similar 1 Tick chart. Feature request MC – Add times and sales window. Close the open position opened by the strategy; Do not close the open position opened by the strategy. Added a new feature to fill the gaps on charts if the data vendor provides such capability after a loss of connection to the data feed is restored.

High CPU usage was growing when pointing a cursor on a chart with drawings. Feature request MC – Issues with trading multiple contacts.

The first step is to copy the files themselves.


Getting this kind of service really is refreshing. Visual artifacts at rendering a drawing during real time.

multicharts 8.7

The location of the Studies can be found in MultiCharts. It allows playback of market data with the specified speed and resolution.

multicharts 8.7

The platform provides the means to receive market data, perform technical analysis, and send and manage orders to a broker, both manually and automatically. Visual artifacts when displaying indicator values in the Status Line.

multicharts 8.7

Added HotKeys for Data Playback commands: Again, here are the links: The location of Cache files can be found in MultiCharts. Added a new keyword for conversion of string representation of DateTime, e. Thanks for your attention. See How to Reduce Database Size to fill less 8.7 on another drive before moving the database files.

Multichart Programming

For example, the new location of the “Logs” folder is “E: This allows the user to examine the data, edit it, delete it, or add to it from some other data source. As EasyLanguage is around for almost two decades now, there are many code pieces and examples available on the Internet. Out-of-sample intervals would get crossed during Walk-Forward Optimization.

One of the benefits is the huge number of data feeds and brokers that are supported. All-new and powerful MultiCharts 8.


See to fill less space on another drive before moving the database files. Do you still have to export performance data from each and every chart strategy to an mu,ticharts file?

Added K to represent thousands and M to represent millions for Volume Delta charts. It goes without saying that an implementation is much more likely, if other users would benefit from it, too. Multichart Programming admin T There is no need to backup your Logs unless the file contains information regarding an issue see MultiCharts Logs.

The platform is capable of algorithmic tradingwhich means that program generated orders are automatically sent to a broker after being triggered by a PowerLanguage script.

Professional Multicharts Programming | Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

This makes it a great tool that constantly evolves and fulfills every Multicharts programming need. Muticharts ability to launch MultiCharts with several workspaces through the Command Line. A cache folder for tsServer that was moved from its default location would not be cleared when MultiCharts closed.