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Marta – Thank you, Bhauji and team. Concluding Remarks by the Moderators 6: Do come to the second in-house Internet chat in Bhauji’s room. Un hombre saludable de 65 a? As more and more of you speak English as a second language or even do not speak English at all, Bhau’s team is striving to make announcements regarding his health and his messages as accessible as possible for all.

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Maharajah of Kashmir – Jai Baba, my dearest Bhauji and to everyone.

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He is improving slowly, but his doctors, family and teams agree that he still should not meet or greet any visitors and that full rest is best. But even while he recovers, he remains concerned about all of Baba’s dear ones.

The situation is going from bad to very bad to worse, but this is the outward situation. They have three children: Iraj Namiranian from Seattle has been attending every day, with one day relief from Jessie Massa.

Much of pilgrim-visit time is filled with singing or poetry especially in Farsi! Gavin departs on Sunday, 4 August to resume professional commitments in the West. And thank you Team for all that you do for Bhauji and all that you do to help bring Baba’s Love to us. If you got the first one, try this: The Light of you love is such an inspiration and great help.


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In some browsers, clicking on links will open in a new window. Bhau Kalchuri – See my Sister? Maharajah of Kashmir – Mother Namo, this is a beautiful image that you share Mother Namo – How fortunate for us to have had this blessedness.

News – Bhau Kalchuri – mehermelbs jimdo page!

I sometimes feel guilty but try to keep in mind that Baba is in complete control of everything all the time, and my job is to accept and go with the flow, and be aware and remember Him and take His name over and over.

Bhau and a few of his friends L-R: Thank you, Beloved Meher Baba. We send our love from England.

namo cyberface

Vehicles should be parked only in the parking zone at the New Site or Lower Meherabad. Robin NJ – It has been in my house since my trip to India in The following excerpt has been tweaked from last week’s chat: Bhau requested that the following announcement regarding changes to Friday’s Programme at Meher Pilgrim Center be sent out to the dear ones.


Bhajan mandali of different Meher Centres and Western pilgrims having singing and other programmes to present for the forty-fourth Amartithi occasion should write only to Shri. Naturally he is anxious to return to duty, but Dr. Bhau Kalchuri – Good, you can make progress.

namo cyberface

From Mother P Squared Joanna: Most Lightful of the Light! Balancing the Cyberfce and the Heart 4: It will not be possible to accede to late requests on arrival.

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Happy Valentine’s Day in His love to everyone on the chat. I have been thinking of dear Baba Janne many times. And suppose you have to remain as Perfect Master, you have to take birth for that.

Iraj – She should stay as long as she wants, and she has to take care of her health. Gavin is the Meherabad doctor while Dr.