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After starting, the loading image should appear on the O2Mania, and the music will start playing! Koreans tend to release their charts in naver, so if you are korean, go check the O2Jam section of naver! Configure Scroll speed by pressing F1 or F2. O2Mania shared a link. Please don’t be confused why it’s automatically playing. Download and play them now – https:

o2mania skin

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Now, how do you go about playing it?

Try to play a song and experiment which speed is comfortable to you! Finally, a new cover photo. Look at the 3 check boxes below the song list. It’s been years since I shared 30 O2jam songs that I really love most.

o2mania skin

A bit of nostalgia for you guys: In o2mania, all of them are for free. We will keep you updated! O2Mania updated their business hours.

o2mania skin

It was due to the removal of the site “The Palace of Sound”, where we redirect all requests of files like songs, skins etc. Sadly, The Palace of Sound site is down. O2Mania updated their cover photo.


O2mania background skins download

Bring back the o2jam spirit. Feel free to post here or skib us message for your questions about o2mania. After refreshing, songs will appear on the ” O2Jam” Tab. You can download every song that you want, for free. If you want, you can experiment on it and use them.

We barely post anything recently, but we always respond. It’s o2maania bit slow process but we’ll make sure that you’ll enjoy every single note of it! Select a music and press Enter.

O2mania background skins

Posted by Entozer at 6: So, last time I talked about what O2Jam is. To slin off with, you can download the song packs from an O2 Private Server. Thursday, June 26, O2Mania Guide.

There are other places where you can find song packs. Added 5 new songs, Plants VS Zombies!

o2mania skin

Y’all ready to break your keyboards? After selecting a song, the title bar of the O2Mania should display the Song name and the difficulty you selected. But in a couple of weeks, we will offer you a new website created by us, providing information, tutorials and essential files to be downloaded in regards with o2mania, especially the songs. These are basically the “Skill” rings as I have mentioned on a post before.


Sections of this page.

The scroll speed multiplier might have been set too high. We’re sorry for being inactive for the last couple of weeks, or maybe months already. They’re going down too fast! If it did not, you will have to skih the song list manually.

O2Mania is feeling fantastic. You can leave the last two directory.