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Berion , Jun 19, How to uninstall PDFtoMusic.. Share This Page Tweet. There’s a copy of this floating around on rapidshare, not sure if it’s the latest version or not though. Thanks, but I already fixed it. PS3 PS2 icon not trasnparent???

optpix image studio ps2

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Download Optpix Imagestudio 3.

optpix image studio ps2

Convert Optpix Imagestudio 3 trail version to full software. The only time there is a white background is when its inside the PS2 gui. Also, when I set it back to default, the included png doesnt show a white background.

Your name or email address: BerionJun 19, It’s main purpose is automatic colour reduction from i. Optpix imagestudio v3 12a. Hi, just for imagee information, i am selling imae Optpix image studio for DS original soft.

PNG for PS2, it has a white background. Thanks for the response. I gave up and went with a full pic for the ICON0.

Yeah found one without the password and it’s for-sure PS2. Mine is always set to 8 bits. Ive never changed it, and like I said, it works fine when I am working with PSone games. I’m used to auto-linking. Read more optpix image studio for ps2 v3.


Every day, users submit information to File. Imagr threads with keywords: Optpix Imagestudio 3 Serial Numbers.

OPTPiX iMageStudio for PlayStation

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Gimp is ok, but the GUI is horrible.

The png file is saved to the desktop and doesnt have the white background. I like optpiix of the new features in CC but it’s not worth lose freedom I hate online obligatory cycle validations. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Optpix Image Studio – BitBin

Video shows possible drift issues already arising with the Nintendo Switch Lite CharySep 24, at 1: Its also fine when I save it to the desktop It looks like it’s they internal tool for image manipulation across all the platforms. Maybe Affinity break it one day. Im using Photoshop CC I got all excited when I saw the “free trial version” but turns out that it’s only available under the same conditions as if you were buying the full version. Adobe have monopoly so they doesn’t care about it.


My bet is something like what devil said, but PNG allows for a few different features for transparency and i dont know how that info is stored But one thing you should not do is in photoshop when saving the file to PNG dont save it as “interlaced” PNG interlaced is for web it allows to load the images faster It’s in summary cheaper than full price of i.

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optpix image studio ps2