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When you run OSQL it will display the following message: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I just updated my answer with the idea of copying just the 2 relevant files. Then you can run it separately on the SQL Server to install the database. We have some legacy.

osql.exe utility

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osql.exe utility

Other options depends on your osql.exr. Monday, March 14, How do we handle problem users? Mike Fal Mike Fal The referenced assembly is not installed on your system.

tool download

Tuesday, Utilit 21, Monday, March 21, 5: Is there any way to run the osql. I have updated my answer with that link. Unicorn Meta Zoo 9: Friday, March 18, 2: Friday, March 18, 4: You might not need the install discs. Post as a guest Name.

Osql.exe utility

Thanks for the suggestion. It is installed with the client tools and replaces the deprecated osql. I’m sure you can appreciate why I was inquiring on ytility approach.


I’ve heard you can get it from the Client Tool installation, and no license required as long as connecting to licensed sql servers. Then you can run it separately on the SQL Server to install the database. I tried it on my system and it worked so it is worth testing on your end as it does simplify things a bit. Monday, March 14, 2: I’m not sure it includes osql though I suspect it doesbut I’d always recommend grabbing the SP1 installer over the original version.

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osql.exe utility

I was then able to run my batch file which required osql. But since in production scenarios the app server and database server are generally in two different machines and the installer will be running in the app server machine,the installer fails to create the database because it cannot find the osql. Database Administrators Stack Exchange is utilitu question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community.


Friday, September 5, 6: Thanks for your support. Are “Client Tools” part of the installation discs?

You do do not need to actual SQL installed on the box When you run OSQL it will display the following message:. Hello, Just a little add-in to the last post from Ai-hua Qiu who was right According this link: Solomon Rutzky Solomon Rutzky I would consider using a multi-package setup.

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This avoids the unnecessary installation of helper components. We’ve tried running the. Colin ‘t Hart 6, 8 8 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 35 35 bronze badges.