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Is the Kernel 2. Please grab the latest po file and submit it directly to martin at proxmox. We are announcing the release of our Proxmox Mail Gateway 2. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Due to changes in our repositories in 3. SugarCRM is the world’s leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management CRM software for companies of all sizes.

proxmox ve 1.8

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Proxmox VE released! | Proxmox Support Forum

I haven’t noticed, that mirror degraded, So, new kernel installed on sdb only. That faled because of different versions.

Cookies help us deliver our services. Container- und Hardware-Virtualisierung unter einem Dach — Martin Im Rahmen der Constantinus Gala am Views Read View source View history. Apr 1, 4 0 1. See Upgrade from 2. Hi, i had upgraded my cluster proxmox 1. We also got the first stable 2. Roadmap — Martin We are announcing the final release of our Proxmox Mail Gateway 2.

proxmox ve 1.8

Retrieved from ” https: Installer fixes including the ability to install if the motherboard BIOS has an old time pve-manager update added ability to add ‘Notes’ for VMs fix shutdown problem fix RFB protocol problem fix SOAP serializer bug fix url redirect bug fix utf8 problem for error messages updated translations hu, ro vzctl template fix qemu-server fix status problem HowTo upgrade a running Proxmox VE 1.


We just uploaded the first release candidate of Proxmox VE 2. For more details, see the announcement:. As more or less everything is new, it’s quite impossible to list all in a short announcement so I just add important links:. Nov 28, 7 0 1. Now its possible to create multiple scheduled backups via web interface. All Debian based appliances are fully supported from the Proxmox VE team and production ready. Then detected mirror and tryed to load latest modules from sdb.

Is the Kernel 2. For all details, see Intel Modular Server.

Here is the howto for the CLI:. WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. For more details about the Proxmox VE repositories, see Package repositories.

For detailed information see release notes Link to the Proxmox VE wiki page for: Roadmap How to get the latest version: A big thanks to Intel, sponsoring the hardware to the Proxxmox VE test lab!


proxmox ve 1.8

Additionally, we fixed some issue in dab supports now dependency based init and updated a lot of appliances based on latest Debian Squeeze. Mar 24, 13 0 1. See Upgrade from 3. Under the hood, many improvements and optimizations are done, most important is the replacement of Apache2 by poxmox own event driven API server.

[PVE-User] ksm not working on proxmox ve 1.8

Proxmoxx to activate the new Kernel, to check if you got all packages, run ‘pveversion -v’ and compare your output all packages should have equal or higher version numbers:. We just released Proxmox VE 2. Worth reading, especially for beginners.