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In order to install the service: Defines the logging level and can be either Error , Info , Warn or Debug. Using Procrun in Java or exe mode When using the Java or exe modes, the Procrun service application prunsrv launches the target application in a separate process. Use this option only with Local system accounts. Once you downloaded the applications, you have to put them in a folder under the OrientDB installation folder. One of jvm , Java or exe. This means that parameters will be stored inside:.


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Configured a jvm mode java service following the tutorial https: When you stop service, prunsrv called main function with option stop in new thread “thread2” for example.

This means that parameters will be stored inside:. If named auto file is created inside LogPath with the name service-stdout. Asked 3 years, 1 month ago. Under Windows, such programs are called services and are controlled by appropriate calls to specific functions defined in the pruhsrv.exe binary. We will use the server version prhnsrv.exe both start and stop.

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When using the Java or exe modes, the Procrun service application prunsrv launches the target application in a separate process. The default method to be called is the main method.



Even though the variable “stop” is a static boolean still they are different process Right? Improving the question-asking experience. Service type can be interactive to allow the service to interact with the desktop.

It must be static void and have argument String args[]. At the moment, the only way to properly shut down an OrientDB server instance not embedded is to execute the shutdown.


The “stop” application needs to communicate somehow with the “start” application to tell it to stop. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

It is used only for StartMode Java or exe and enables running applications as a service under an account without the LogonAsService privilege. Unicorn Meta Prunsrrv.exe 9: Point you browser to the Apache Commons Daemon download page. The first input parameter of this script. Defines the file name for storing the running process id.

Procrun is a set of applications, which allow Windows users to wrap mostly Java applications e. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Name of method to be called when service is stopped. This implies that the server instance isn’t stopped correctly, when the computer on which it is deployed, is shut down without executing the above script. Using Procrun in jvm mode To interface with the Procrun service application prunsrv using the jvm mode, you need to create a class with the appropriate method s.


Java – same as exe, but automatically uses the default Java executable, i. I have researched this issue and prunsrv. Windows Registry Usage The basic Service definitions are maintained under the registry key: The service can be set to automatically start, when the machine boots and will continue to run with no user logged onto the machine.

However some parameters can take multiple values – for example StartParams and JvmOptions.

Daemon – Daemon : Procrun

Before defining the Windows Service, you have to rename prunsrv and prunmgr according to the name of the service.

Set this non-zero e. Click on Browse native binaries download area Start the service if it is not currently running. Starts the GUI application which allows the service configuration to be modified, started and stopped. None of the anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal reports prunsrvv.exe malicious about prunsrv.