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What do i do? For example, if you have a very unstable internet connection and you went ahead to buy a cccam account, you will have a horrible experience with it. My qsat 11g is not working after using both sw, it still showing connect to server and displaying expiring date. Akin,i have downloaded and upgraded my qsat q11 using a GPRS sim but still no picture.. Ooh Akin, Am sooo sorry.

qsat software v6.05

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Larry, if u do blindscan u will lose tv3 and for the ghone, put it there for about 1 minute and the audio and picture problems qsay be corrected. Download Q26G software to restore Xcam Setup menu: Morgan Lemmy…I inserted my original xcam code ie …. I was upgrading my QSAT when my generating set suddenly went off.

Lemmy Morgan good morning. I have upgraded my qsat with 57xxxxx model. Pls eXtract dile after Download. Felix connect to the server is not the same as welcome to server.

Mine is very unstable. It will show network connection successful but will show connected 2server as it used to b4.

qsat software v6.05

Hello I need get my subtitke working on qsat, how do I ho about this? Could it be as a result of my having two LNBs on one dish? I v tried ur suggestion of old but it seems not working.


qsat software v6.05

Good morning sfotware, can anyone send me the new software for Q23G? Tanx oga lemmy, i upgraded my q13g wt d ur software and it was successful and d upgrading was done wt etisalat and when it didnt come upi change d sim to mtn and change d ethernet setting to mtn nigeria and it comes up wt ease.

Sam Arkorful; please read the followings: DSTV had no option that to block qsat access to their server. Pls kindly tutor me on how to revive it again.

Use the one with audio problem. I think the secret in welcoming to server is to first upgrade with sfotware latest software that has audio issues.

Download Most Recent Upgraded Software For Qsat Q23G & Q15G | Benzibobo’s Crib

After pressing play button icon then dial on your remote. I and good guys that try to offer help on this blog have always acknowledged the owner of the blog Mr. Lemmy, pls help me. I did the download but the software wsat not a BIN file as a result the Qsat decoder did not recognize it. Your email address will not be published. Please akin sent me q23g to my email. Can u be of help?


5 May Qsat New Softwares – Information

I tried to installed the main code loader and it keeps running so fast non stop. Anonymous May 8, at 9: Akin, Reuben, Ibrahim, and everyone in the house Pls which version of software is working for 28g?

Good Day Lemmy, Many thanks for the good work you putting in. Hello, i have softward able to download the file for software upgrade, but am having problem extracting the file, can anyone help me with this. I advised people to download softwares that are related to their decoders.

5 May 2016 Qsat New Softwares

That the joining avartam account will automatically activate itself immediately the old account expires. Lemmy, welldone for all u are doing. Morgan, I read ur incisive solutions given to people and I must commend ur efforts. My decoder will now start displaying q11g instead of my normal q13g.