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Report Sep 12, , 4: This is not a bad coaster. Stay tuned for updates here. Thread starter vgmaster9 Start date Jul 10, Report Nov 29, , 6: You need this to get Gatekeeper in the tracks downloads section so I put it on here enjoy Riley Can someone recommend a different download of this?

rct3 nightflight ctr

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Report Feb 9,3: Report Mar 22,6: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you njghtflight.

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But if you are interested I do have the files for it so, I can’t remember the forum rules on this, but if I can just pm me and I will send you the car and track files. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity.


rct3 nightflight ctr

Rach the gothic walls link wont open is there another way I can download it? Hope this helps everyone! This is not a bad coaster. Use the downloads search instead. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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Log in to your RCTgo account Not a member? CoasterKid98 i am having trouble downloading i t because i do not have the RCT3 cars folder.

Rct3 Roman this is a bad coaster at the station it’s upside down. nightflifht

Stay tuned for updates here. Forums What’s new Log in Register Search. I have a coaster of this type in the downloads section.

Report May 29,5: TopThrillDragster ok this is bs i have the coaster but it freezes everytime how tf u get nightflught 2 nuild without freezing.

Report Feb 1,5: Report Jan 15,8: Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. You’ll have a better chance in getting these things made. Report Jul 29,6: By the way Maurer Spinners have been made numerous times, I don’t nighftlight the link right now but its on the interwebs somewhere.


Thread starter vgmaster9 Start date Jul 10, Anyone got a link to it cause I’m lazy?

Report Jun 12,4: Report Nov 29,6: Can someone recommend a different download of this? Report Oct 7,5: Report Sep 12,1: Pick Next Featured Download. Report Aug 28, There are many custom made rides getting made, but there are still many that are yet to be made.

rct3 nightflight ctr

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