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Two major changes have been done in this release Support for importing externally managed Requirements using External-ID. Server settings are not updated if Blank key alias is being used. Jira Users can be specified as Source of Requirements. Align table header with columns when number of columns in view is increased. Error in Jira 7.


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Consider an option to disable the workflow and let the user configure the Status Options. Reporter is not updated on creating duplicate of a requirement RMI Check Detailed Release Notes.

Copy a Test Run to a different Release is now possible.

RMsis – v Simplify Requirement Management for JIRA

Copy links to latest version RMI Opening test case should open a new tab RMI If you get an exception while migrating to 1. Following New features are added: Improvement in server side responsiveness for large collection of entities.

In rmsls cases and for large data import, Requirements and Test Cases with duplicate ID’s are created.



Column Filter fails to load in traceability if no options are specified for Hierarchical Custom Field. A user with Project Manager role cant delete project specific custom fields.

RMsis administration by Tool Admin – RMsis Latest Release – Optimizory Documentation

Filter for empty-fields RMI Automatically calculate TC value after TS screen is closed. Increase the permissible character limit of links that can be saved in the attachments column RMI A detailed description is available at https: Align table header with columns when number of columns in view is increased.

Error in import of Hierarchical field RMI Issue with scrolling the list of filters RMI Logging related issues have been fixed. Users may get permission denied error in case of long running operations involving multiple projects. Data error is displayed upon opening the window to link issues in Traceability Tab. After upgrading to RMsis 1. Provide feature to display full name in assignee column.



The exported issue contains a link to Requirement, rather than the description. Export comments into csv file. Working with SharePoint Document Libraries. Extend reverse traceability report RMI Generic Functions Automatically switch views when certain operations are not possible in the current view.

This release fixes a specific issue RMIwhere the system becomes unresponsive during PDF export due to lack of memory. Requirements Management Exporting requirements to another project.

Create Requirement dependency based view. Functionality provided for Quick Linking in Traceability and Reverse Traceability tabs, where user can type in the complete entity-id and link to another entity.


Test Steps are incorporated into Test Cases. Admin is now Superuser and has global permissions by default. Sync breaks while using Oracle RMI