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I haven’t found it in the walkthroughs I’ve seen. Rubbed Molly’s naked pussy until she orgasmed, on a date. Aug 5, 18 Do you have a save from before the start of T or D? It should happen during the threesome.

school dreams goblinboy

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Melissa orgasmed when you fucked her pussy.

Rubbed Molly’s naked pussy until she orgasmed, on a date. Then do everything with Molly, including anal sex. Becky had an orgasm as she fucked her ass on your cock.

School Dreams 3: School Dreams Forever

Look in her bag for address book. Melissa orgasmed when she fucked her ass on your cock. Fucked Melissa’s tits and came all over them. It’s a real shame that AIF took such a blow after Goblinboy disappeared.

GoblinBoy – School Dreams 3 School Dreams Forever Meteor eng game – PornPlayBB

Took Yuki’s anal goblinbpy, then came in her ass]. No one – if both Becky and Molly are angry with the PC he will have to go home alone. Deus ExLibris March 4, at Maybe it’s ggoblinboy for the game to get a re-work? You must log in or register to reply here. Robert Johannesson Well-Known Member. All “pic” Versions I think give it aso without pics. This saves money, and you can still bring her to orgasm by rubbing her pussy through her clothes.


school dreams goblinboy

If Gary is present at the party because you didn’t take any pictures of him with Alison Molly will pick him over the PC if goblinbot has more influence with her.

I don’t understand how to stop fucking with melissa.

I found this whole genre initially through Sharks Horny Afternoon series, Much time spent, and then finding things like Phreakys and Tlaeros games, ArianeB, Chaotics games, Leonizers games led me through the all sexy games thread to School Dreams 3.

If incest is set to yes, Mike can also join in as above i. Aug 12, As far as I’m aware the only prerequisite is having anal sex with Molly meaning that you have to have given her one of the most expensive gifts.

school dreams goblinboy

There’s usually one good AIF game a year nowadays. Spoiler 1- Extract to desired location. TiasungThebosstrashhumper and 15 others.

GoblinBoy – School Dreams 3 School Dreams Forever Meteor eng game

Don’t take any photos of Gary when you have the opportunity to do so. Deus ExLibris December 16, at 6: This allows you to get the mega-daydream. It should happen during the threesome.


school dreams goblinboy

Last edited by Hoboy on Sat Nov 08, 9: I couldn’t get it from doing what it said in the walkthrough. Ignoring Sxhool refusals during a date Tell Molly you don’t want to break up with Becky Becky, fuck me x2. Additionally, every 10 times you daydream about Mrs Stevens she will pose for the PC. ExLibris October 14, at 7: