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Louis Blues — my grandma used to sing this on stage. Yakiimo in Japanese means stone roasted mountain sweet potato. First, there’s the songwriting itself. Hymn on the 45 by Allo Darlin’. Candy Bar Killer is about sordid goings-on at a teen party. She sang it to me when I was little, in a deep throaty voice.

simone white yakiimo

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For more info on Simone White check out: Lingua Ignota — Caligula. Revisiting our best electronic albums fromwe find these records have stood the test of time. Often after harvest, Japanese farmers will travel the neighborhoods, usually in small trucks, but sometimes, even today, pulling carts, filled with the potatoes baking over charcoal fires.

Simone white yakiimo

I think it encapsulates the theme of the album in its simplicity and emotion. It marks a particular moment in the musician’s life and his belief that songs never die.

The Greatest Alternative Singles of the ’80s: Sword by Angharad Drake. The 10 Best Electronic Albums of Revisiting our best electronic albums fromwe find these records have stood the test of time. Or browse results titled:. This expanded edition from Cherry Red Records makes the case for hearing it free of the baggage of that alt rock era. I sang it all the way to the train station making everyone laugh. On the surface, this record would be classified as modern folk, or, given Nevers’ involvement, it could be called country.


The two had previously collaborated on White’s release I am the Man. The postage rates for your order are displayed before payment, which is processed using Paypal.

simone white yakiimo

If you like Simone White, you may also like:. Free music in Hermosa this summer! Must be hell to try to keep her on your Christmas card list, but at least you never have to worry about the nomadic artist taking too long between tours.

Simone White: Yakiimo

Edgar Allan Poe’s 10 Best Stories. The Essentials featuring Simone by The Essentials. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Thank you for the article.

Simone White — Yakiimo The smone of trying to figure out who one is October 30th, Whether she makes me reflect on the time I’m living in or an unrequited love, I feel like everything is going to be ok.

Hear it in full now. Also They can be grown in poor soils with little fertilizer.

Yakiimo | Simone White

Underrated American treasure Jude Johnstone presents refreshingly spare, uncluttered grownup ballads on her latest, Living Ahite. Hermosa Beach Summer Series is almost here!


True, many of the tracks on Yakiimo touch on those familiar territories, but they do so in a way that recalls—and blends—even earlier musical art forms.

After an accident that could have ended his career, folk blues artist Charlie Parr recovered and recorded an album comprised largely of older tunes.

Throughout listening to Yakiimoyou find yourself floating along on the melodies, lulled by the seeming vulnerability of that voice, that as surely as it lures can just as suddenly lunge, plunging you into its depths. Eurotrash bargain basement new wave dance pop, with the occasional moody detour, is business as usual for Stereo Total, and business is good on Ah!

simone white yakiimo

Composer Mario Diaz de Leon uses traditional classical instruments in combination with experimental electronics on his latest album Cycle and Reveal featuring four recent works.

It’s sweetly airy and hypnotic. I became very excited and insisted on finding it.