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DarkStory Online Can you post screens about this game? In the chrome setting, go to advanced settings and select the Language tab to change it. The only problem now after you acquire the itme code is, which npc is which. After it have finish searching, some name list will appear in the Number 2 Line, Double click it. But that video is not complete, it doesn’t tell you how to edit the rate of the server and use of the GM Tools If you know what RMtool do is, you can give character item so basicly you can give any item including cash item.


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The language tab is present in the settings tab in advanced settings.


Do not change cash item price, your server and game will not starts! Step 4 how to know the item code and item name: As you can see i circle the text label it as Number 2, this is an example of how you put your item. Number 2 indicate the item name Number 3 Is the price of the item. How do you change your xbox profile language because my console skymo is English and my brothers profile is also English but mine is Chinese pls help?


How you can change language of your mobile set from Arabic to English? Secured by Incapsulapowered by LiteSpeed. Originally Posted by ProKiller Originally Posted by lkk How to update my server files!


You can’t change a language into skyymso that is not a language. Easy, just copy everything inside your client resource folder and place it inside you server resource folder, overwrite everything and your good to go A new box will pop-up, just like the image below.

DarkStory Online Can you post screens about this game? How do you change the language on htc hd2 to English? Price of the item skykso always on the same position count from the numberical is on 4th Warning: This image below show: If not you will not get any changes.

SKYMSO-天空墨湘四区,小呆呆跑进栏州里来!? |

In the chrome setting, go to advanced settings and select the Language ekymso to change it. How to change modern English to Shakespeare? How do you change language on Kodak easy share cd82? As you have come to this post, i suppose you have already succesfully setup your server and running well.



In the image, the Number 1 got 1 – 7. This is the Item Code. How do you change the language from spanish to English on Google Chrome? When this application is open, click open BIN.

Skymsso do you change the language settings on AOL? Please post your question in this thread only, i wont respond any in my private message!! How do i change Google Chrome from Arabic to English? You have to edit MHVerInfo. When login using my acount it says my client is outdated or wrong version.

How do you change skymso to English language? –

Your not finish yet, even you put it in there, you havent change some of skyymso price yet. In this step you will need to open just that, we use that to check on the item code.

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