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Extra gamma corrections under DX10 is now only done when necessary, that is when both SMAA and another effect is enabled at the same time. If not then you can always use the included SMAA anti-aliasing. Based on user feeedback default settings now use more conservative sharpening Also default settings now enable conservative Vibrance settings Slightly better default Sepia settings Vignette now more uniformly darkens all the color channels of the screen edges Adds the DPX shader – settings still need a lot of work though. See step 2 of the installation section. Support for 64bit games is underway – check the discussion thread for the lastest news on that. Improved the Dither shader so now uses a subpixel dithering pattern. He calls it SweetFX Configurator.

sweetfx configurator 1.5

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New Levels shader to allow people to easily set a new black and white point.

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Adds the Curves shader which uses S-curves to adjust the contrast of the image Adds the Splitscreen shader which makes it easier to do comparison cknfigurator and videos.

It does not run with the 64bit version of my game exe. Copy it over the one in the main folder. Improved the Cartoon shader. If you have installed SweetFX correctly and have run the game with the log.

It’s confkgurator is provide similar tools to games in realtime, as video processing software provides for movies and videos. Created a new ordered dithering algoritm with much better quality than the old one, while still being just as fast. Most games use DirectX 9, 10 or Granted, with Steam, you can never mess up because you can delete everything and just re-verity your game, but still, I prefer ease-of-use over having to manually isntall things even if it is as simplea s SFX: Some steps to resolve this: I am surprised a small tool can do so much: It works perfectly with all cards that can run DirectX9 games and support shader model 3.


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Presets are just settings files made for a specific game, series of games or a special purpose. If something goes wrong, this file will usually tell you why. When the mod starts it creates a log. To solve it, you can either keep running it as administrator every time, which can be a little annoying in the long run. We are also very happy to see your screenshots but try not to post full size screenshots as they break the forum format. To make MSI Afterburner work with this mod and others like it you need to: PAUSE reloads the shader files this is useful when you need to tweak the settings while the game is running Keys can be reconfigured in the injector.

sweetfx configurator 1.5

The preset feature works like this: If you want to run different game with SweetFX then you need to install to that games directory too. SweetFX works with almost any 32bit and hopefully soon 64bit DirectX 9, 10 or 11 games or applications.


SweetFX is not compatible with 64bit versions of games – use a 32bit version. If you can’t figure out the right combination just from looking at your keyboard and experimenting, then read the documentation for your keyboard or just reconfigure the zweetfx in injector. Clamped output of Monochrome to ensure it never outputs shades that are out of range, even if the user used bad conversion values.

Mimics the look of an old arcade CRT display.

SweetFX Configurator by Terrasque: Boulotaur have released a special version of SweetFX that uses his own proxy dlls that does support 64bit. Note that I prefer not to get support questions as PM’s but I’d rather have you post in the thread so others can help you too. So if you have trouble figuring out the instructions in the SweetFX readme, maybe seeing it being used and configured will help. The SweetFX settings file now sdeetfx a description field to help keep of which version the sweetfs are for.

sweetfx configurator 1.5

I haven’t tried it myself yet so let me know if it works or not. Makes the screenedge black as a workaround for the bright edge that forcing some AA modes sometimes causes. Starting with SweetFX 1.