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They were pretty much in your face, that kind of thing. And I never took money from my parents to have instruments. Getting back to John McLaughlin … When we spoke last year, he discussed at length about how Ravi Shankar encouraged him to learn Carnatic konnakol [terminology describing the vocal percussion and rhythmic counting system from South India] and how important it was for him in developing his own musicianship. I am not a Pandit or an Ustad ; I just happen to love music. I know I was.

trilok gurtu massical

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I did it together with my band member, Carl Cantini. I would like to represent that type of thing if and when I can come to America. But then when Mr.

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Listening is the first lesson. We have to work together. We lost a lot of money, everybody lost a lot of money, even John [McLaughlin] lost a lot of money touring America.

trilok gurtu massical

Imagine this happening in reverse. I studied Tdilok [North Indian] and also Carnatic. Before our time is up, I wanted to compliment you on your new album, Massical. As a percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer, Trilok Gurtu has forged an impressive career. But the lessons I got were for accompaniment, not for soloist. Not the politicians and the bureaucrats but for musicians and the people who love music.


trilok gurtu massical

In addition to Abdul Karim, who were some of your other teachers; would some of us recognize their names? Among his various esteemed awards and nominations: It enabled me to trilkk my own style out of all this arrogance that comes out of these types of institutions.

Massical – Trilok Gurtu | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

I would really trilom to play for them again. So this is a different background than a normal [Indian] classical musician. He actually put the whole brass section together.

Now everybody plays that triangular-shaped set of drums … Sivamani uses it, everybody does it. But they were incredible, my mother being one of them. For example, in addition to his compelling Indo-Jazz excursions, Gurtu was one of the first Indian percussionists to explore and incorporate the music of Africa with Indian influences. Not like the great maestros like Zakir [Hussain] and other great tabla players.

Trilok Gurtu Interview

I think the musicians were not even helpful trolok I was in America, they were pretty … because I came from the third world, you know? His newest studio project, Massicalreleased earlier this year, continues to refine that exploration, in addition to branching out in new directions.


When I started playing drums it was at the age of 10 or I am not a Pandit or an Ustad ; I just happen to love music. They were pretty much in your face, that kind of trillk. They have no caste, religion, creed, nothing. It starts off mysteriously and then it starts building up in density as well as in rhythmic and melodic complexity. The Americans just tried to do something to a really famous Bollywood actor.

I think this is very natural. Okay, changing gears a little bit … In addition to the Hendrix video I saw, there are several YouTube videos of you in concert now, and also on your website. I sometimes see you playing a massucal, triangular-looking device with three drum heads in it.

Trilok Gurtu – Massical (CD) – Music Online | Raru

Exhibiting comes later on. I can see where that would happen. Not even within India or in Africa. Yes, but not finishing there was a blessing in disguise.