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Also, the printer and scale interfaces look to be novel, as well. Buy this program with complete confidence. No more time consuming trips to the Post Office just because we need delivery confirmation for a mailing piece. But that is another option. That was over 2 years ago, it still doesn’t. I have been a satisfied user for about 2 years. Too Bad — it was great

usps shipping assistant 3.8

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It’s stable, has a developer who does communicate and keeps it up to date, you can shkpping savings using this software you can’t by going to the post office, it’s a good back up to relying solely on USPS on-line if that’s all you happen to use at this time — a niche filler for those of us who ship PACKAGES.

If so, which one? My local post office is a contractor for USPS. International shipping customs forms. Asistant postal clerk has gotten so used to the accuracy of our packages since we have been using SendIT that we can hand them over and she just takes them — besides the handing to the clerk it is almost as fast as the click and ship portion!

Hey, did anyone ever find a good replacement for this app? I downloaded version 1 off the link they provided, but have not tested it yet. It works perfectly and I could not be more pleased.

We were just about ready to look into installing a Windows component into our all Mac office — so that we could use the USPS online delivery confirmation services without having to go to the Post Office — when we came across sendIT. We then just paste the printed label on the mail piece with a glue stick, stick on the postage meter label with the correct postage, drop the piece in the mail, and DONE.


I have been a satisfied user for assistsnt 2 years.

Due to PPC being dropped from our development tools. The “verify address” function still works and the label function still works. That was over 2 years ago, it still doesn’t.

usps shipping assistant 3.8

My apologies for that. This shilping the only non subscription service that allows you to add delivery confirmation to First Class mail. One customer told me he ships 1, packets a year, he saves twice as much a year in shipping costs than I make selling the program. Ksps you click on the developer name in the posts below, PONY you will see his last visit to MacUpdate was two years ago.

More work, but it is still somewhat functional and I can’t find anything else to replace it yet. The cost of incorporating my company last year was more than we took in revenue.

Shipping Assistant 3.6

For our smaller packages using sendIT provides to us a significant cost savings, and it is a great time saver as we can prep those packages and pre-stamp them before we leave to take all our collective shipments to the PO.

There are alternative subscription mailing services that charge recurring monthly fees — like stamps. Works with some USB scales — we have always used it in manual mode with no problems — but nice to know that option is open to us.


usps shipping assistant 3.8

Developer is highly responsive. Please email me if you have a 4 x 6 shipping printer and would like to try this Beta. We have a new Beta that prints to 4×6 labels Specifically the Dymo 4XL, but it should work with any 4×6 label printer.

usps shipping assistant 3.8

Versus just going directly to the PO, you not only save assiwtant time of waiting in line but also on fees such as on delivery and signature confirmation — these can really add up if you use them and most of us shipping packages do these days. It wasn’t meant to decieve. We also use the address confirmation feature of the sendIT quite a bit — it’s easier than looking up the same info on the Post Office site.

Again, thank you for the background on why you decided to increase your product’s cost. Discover New Mac Apps. The label stock itself is for subscription services is not free and must come from the provider.

Shipping Assistant (free) download Windows version

Asssistant is heartbreaking that he has abandoned it. It looks like Swordfish Express may be useful even though it is not supported anymore and was turned into the paid program now known as Endica. Its not amazing, but more than enough for a shipping label.