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Just tidying up a few last things, to wrap up the AF changes. Also, “omfg a commit by gigaherz! Added a check box and config code for the fxaa shader. Add a new hack option for DATE gl4. Fix up some bits from r

vtune ati 4.2

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Fixed up my changes from r Managed to get VU0 working the way we wanted it, thank to sudonim1 for pointing out where i was failing. KrossX updated the sprite hack to also work on other games with a similar problem.

Palit Radeon X1950GT Super Free Driver Download (Official)

Don’t resize the window automatically while it’s maximised or fullscreen. Updated to a slightly newer revision of portaudio, sicne the fixes in it seemed interesting enough.

vtune ati 4.2

Just revert the last commit until the bug is fixed. Removed the cycle counting from the new changes for now as there is a considerable speed hit, possibly later we can put a speed hack in there or game fix to emulate the timings correctly, unfortunately it can be a little too heavy. Last patch also had a weird encoding, confusing the googlecode diff display at least.


Do not interpret TEXA while filling the gsdx internal temporary CLUT buffer used in texture creation and updating I didn’t realise this was happening and it’s incompatible with my approach. Now its up to date with the latest qemu release.

Intel® VTune™ Amplifier | Intel® Software

Fixed a bug which caused persona 3 not to boot, previous a hack had been put in place to get around this. Some people loads older shaders Hack around a problem with the texture cache finding depth stencils when there can’t be any. This setup gives us ahi latency and a higher time stretch polling frequency, resulting in better quality overall.

Only keep a basic window for debug with replayer. Outrun before D3D9 doesn’t, so that’s ait. Only keep a copy on branch release. Extra rendering threads label text was getting cut off early.

Bug listing with status CONFIRMED as at 2019/09/29 12:46:55

This one is pretty fancy, using a cosinus function for generating the dark lines. Need to check some games that do it first.

vtune ati 4.2

It was reporting the sector it was currently at, not the one it was actually reading. Id swapped 4. VSync order around but still swapped which Field first, so it started out of sync, silly me!


Big gif transfer code rewrite! Saving the conditional var update vista or better before I try a new idea again.

Automated Pcsx2 builds

Thanks for spotting that Nik After some brainstorming amongst the team, we came up with a theory on what should be happening. Modified the Star Wars: Still hope to find a better solution. Copied in a build script to make rebuilding the project a bit easier.

It will use wasapi mode with the default sound device by default, both are ari though. VertexKick, some triangles could have been removed by the scissor test.

vtune ati 4.2

Some games use volume slides combined with reversed phase. Modified my changes from r, one small fix and some code movement, thanks to DarkShoelaces for pointing it out. Now, a note about the actual issue. San Andreas before 63 –