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Although both projects started separately, nowadays CRT Emudriver is closely linked to Chris Kennedy’s Switchres project, as an attempt to create a cross-platform solution for accurate video game emulation on CRT monitors. Cheers — I’ll go hunting for a Radeon. You’d need a notebook power supply and a HDD to get it to work. You must login or register to post a reply. Usually on Windows the polling rates of a USB port is preset too high for an optimal performance, requiring some hacking procedures to lower them. I will be writing up my findings with specific focus on my CarPC application and posting them to the Fordmods. Simply put, you couldn’t, and can’t, replicate the visuals of old video-games on a standard computer due to the technical differences in the video hardware.


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And now I know what you’re talking about, and found the 92M download for the 9. Now to wait for that sucker to arrive. Not good, especially in action games. Look for a scart to component adapter -Do the same thing but not the HD modes so should be cheaper.


WinXP won’t install on my new machine. RSS topic feed Posts: The other option is winmodslines use the onboard card Intel Graphics Accelerator GM although I have very little faith that that will work.

Sorry for the late reply. Does soft15khz suppport most of the mame resolutions on desktop graphics cards? Especially on Laptops, at least I had some trouble on my HP notebooks radeon You can also try using line resolutions with the interlacing shader.


SoftKhz + modelines + x [Archiv] – Arcade Community

Most novice users tend to purchase a new generation video card, basing their uninformed decision on features which become secondary when it comes to emulation, such as 3-D performance, availability and price. We usually trust this painful task to the display drivers, but Powerstrip uses its own code to perform that, being its methods a jealously guarded secret.


Your image looks just like what I have on my screen at the moment. Modeline “x 60i” June 28, The beam width is gonna be diminished because of the loss of brightness, but the variance is gonna be pretty much the same because 31kHz CRT monitors are very flat by design. I thien tried wiping out all of my custom x settings to use the default – and it’s just the same as before. Looks like this CRT is going in the closet until I can get some better hardware.

WinModelines: Video driver modifier for 15kHz

This worked -Radeon HD -Latest Catalyst -Used Quickres to set x p -Hooked up to my Mitsubishi tri-synch monitor My desktop was displayed in x, after some “clicking” where Windows sent goofy modes during boot.

Some advanced users started demanding the possibility of adding new video modes or customizing the existing ones this, by the way, was the first motivation for the CRT Emu-Driver project.

The problem comes when the accuracy of the value achieved is uncertain or, even worse, the results are not fully deterministic, something you wouldn’t expect with usual driver-based methods.


The problem might be that some chipsets tend to “blend out” some resolutions. Additionally, usual emulator configurations which try to mask these video issues caused winmodelimes desynchronization will normally serve to also introduce lag problems.

Created by En-Tech Taiwan, this shareware tool is the all-time reference for custom video managing.

There are just too many variables to consider — OS version, driver version, video card generation, etc. Despite of that, there’s an interesting workaround to this issue that, surprisingly, hasn’t been exploited at all by the emulation community till recently winmorelines Powerstrip can be remote-controlled programmatically through a very simple API.

But it’s not only an issue of resolution discrepancies. Anyways, I run soft15khz and the “Install 15khz”, “Install 25khz”, “Install 31khz” options are ghosted.

Composite Sync enable/disable choice?

Nesguy February 23,7: The easiest way winmodelinfs Ultimarc’s J-Pac device, of which you can learn more here. Here’s is a brief overview of some of those methods: Skip to forum content.


Still, in quickres, there were a bunch of other resolutions I couldn’t remove. With the lockup issues at 30i I don’t think Winmdelines understand this bit right yet I put the following modeline in instead – which as probably already there by default: I am looking into buying a newer video card that will be powerful enough to play the AAE vector emulator.