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Mount the enclosed XenDesktop Designed and Hosted by Andy Barnes. Tip for the interested if you do tick the optimise box it runs the following http: The controller location is where you tell the VDA to communicate with. Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server. For example if you have an error code or error message, use that to perform a search. You must run the failed commands manually to create the Orchestration database connections.

xendesktop 5.5 vda

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Name Name is required. This event is generated when the Desktop Service successfully stops. What follows here is a list xenresktop available event log messages for the XenDesktop 5. Open a Case Online.

There is no undo! In the meantime, you should as a workaround follow the three steps contained in the CTX article. These errors appear due to the client and server being unable to communicate correctly, which may be caused by certificate or cipher suite issues. The event log message will now be unsuppressed. Check that the DNS was set up correctly for both the delivery controller and this computer. Initialization attempts will continue to be made.


Access by this machine was denied. It’s important you opitmise correctly.

Installing XenDesktop Feature Pack 1 VDA

Tip for the interested if you do tick the optimise box it runs the following http: Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Apply the xendedktop to the desktop which could be the standard optimisations provided by Citrix http: This event is generated when the agent has tried and failed at multiple registration cycles; it will now apply the maximum delay between subsequent retries.

Sorry to hear that. The service will now stop. It is intended for future use. This master image will be the parent image for all desktops you provision.

There is a search box that you can use if looking for a specific fault. Registration attempts will continue until registration succeeds. The Virtual Desktop Agent appears with a Change option and shows as version 5. MSI for bit systems: Please provide article feedback Feel free to give us additional feedback! The default maximum acceptable different in time between a client computer clock and the Domain Controller clock is 5 minutes.


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This will now form the master image we xehdesktop deploy our catalog of desktops from with a few simple clicks! XenDesktop Event Log E Customers who viewed this article also viewed.

xendesktop 5.5 vda

This event is generated when the Desktop Service is starting up. Install the guest OS in this case Windows 7 32Bit. If this does not resolve the problem, please refer to Citrix Knowledge Base article CTX for further information.

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xendesktop 5.5 vda

If this problem persists, reinstall the Citrix Virtual Desktop Agent. This event ID is not used and will not be zendesktop on a XenDesktop 5.