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In rare cases, the email gateway, when configured for Exchange and above, will stop processing fax messages. When using Zetafax with an application using the Zetafax Automation Toolkit for submitting faxes, manually resending a failed fax using the Zetafax Client results in entirely black pages being sent. It is imperative that the Header record required box is ticked this is not ticked by default. If you select this option, you may further customize the cover page with the following options: This is done using the program regsvr32 as follows: You are then offered the following dialogue:.

zetafax api

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In a DOS window, set to this directory, use the following command to run the registration program:. The Tidy up feature deletes your archived documents weather you want it or not. The default filename is extract.

Cover Sheets can’t be viewed in the Preview Pane, only in Editor. The C language libraries and bit dynamic link library are provided separately in a self-extracting executable. Unfortunately all the engineering level support is out of the UK. Enter the text Copia should print on the fax cover page in place of the default confidentiality statement.

zetafax api

Some pages in a fax received using Zetafax Zetafaxx appear squashed or stretched. Companies that undertake frequent or large fax shots may also want to look at the Campaign Management Module. We found that it would not change from letter to legal on the fly so we tried to return it to them. Also when you send a fax from a company program. Incorrect printer driver name is displayed when installing Zetafax Client on certain operating systems.


WOW – You are awesome! Outbound faxes fail to a small subset of recipients. We have one person forwarding Received faxes via E-mail attachments to our remote branches because xetafax product will not deliver to the exchange server.

The Toolbar is not customizable, you get some useless buttons such as the View and lacks the ones you need Address Book, let’s say. When sending faxes with Zetafax Zpi, fax numbers entered as a 7-digit number rather than with the full national code are not sent.

Zetadocs Client crashes when combining PDF documents in a batch.

In Pittsburgh, Fax from your computer using Digital, Electronic Faxing from Zetafax.

Vote 5 best 4 3 2 1 worst. Faxes can also include e-mail attachments that are then rendered by the Zetafax server. I’m looking into Hylafax, but there appears to ali no free support for the Brooktrout fax card we have in the machine, so we might have to spend yet more money on the fax system.

Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. You can even send multiple documents from different applications as a single fax. Outbound faxes to a small subset of numbers will suddenly fail. The Folder List unnecessarily shows the contents zeyafax the entire computer, when it should only show the folders related to this ali Inbox,Outbox, Received, Sent, etc.


Sent fax pages include black sections. As for 30 Days tech support – Amazing!! When viewing the Zetafax Entries in the Windows Event Viewer no useful information is shown in the description.

Equisys technical notes

Clicking the tabs in the Menu Bar doesn’t show the entire menu, it requires an extra click. When you have finished, the screen should look like this: Revision History Revision Date Changes 1. This box has ExchangeCitrix and Zetafax, running on Win2k advanced server. A restart of the Zetafax Server service is required in order to restore functionality.

On successful connection, it will immediately show that a higher, or the final page, is being sent until the fax has completed sending or is interrupted. This dialogue is inviting you to match the fields in the axis diplomat -generated file to the fields that Zetafax expects. Annotation of received faxes in client InBox. Exchange email gateway stops processing fax messages.

zetafax api